I Can Turn Any Business into a Money Making ATM Machine, Skyrocketing Growth 10X With Proven SEO.

Are you grappling with the challenge of increasing traffic and improving conversion rates for your business? It’s time to revolutionize your approach to business growth. As a seasoned Growth Hacker, I bring to the table innovative strategies that will redefine how you drive business success. Prepare to leave behind the days of sluggish traffic and disappointing conversion rates, and embrace a future filled with remarkable growth and success.

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Man Behind This Blog

My name is Amit Kumar and I started my journey in SEO, focusing a lot on the adult industry, and learned how to make websites really popular. In June 2021, I decided to share my knowledge through a blog. 

Not just a platform for knowledge exchange, my blog also became a lucrative endeavor, amassing over 20K visitors each month and enabling me to earn $15,000 monthly through adept affiliate marketing, and sposnsered posts.

Seeing the success, I went ahead and started my own SEO agency called Tech Savy Crew. If your business dreams of dominating the online world, I’m your go-to. Let’s join forces and turn those digital dreams into reality. Ready for an online revolution? Reach out and let’s make magic happen together.

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The Topics I Write

Software & Reviews

Read my software reviews for in-depth advice on tools and SaaS apps, covering features, simplicity of use, cost, integrations, and customer service.

Make Money Online

I will provide you with guidance on how to make the most of your time and make money online by utilising a variety of tried and true business methods.

How To Guides

I provide you a thorough response to "How To" queries, regardless of whether they have to do with technology, software, the internet, Windows, VPNs, PCs, or marketing.

Using a tool or software always gives you non-stop money. See what i use to make a living.

Recommended Tools

As a SaaS growth hacker, I’m sharing the resources that I use to run my blog and make money in dollars. If you want to take your blog traffic and revenue to the next level, I strongly advise you to use it. The links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and purchase the products, I will receive a small commission.

Bluehost Hosting

World's fastest hosting for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and WordPress Users. (I personally use it from last 5 years)

Fiverr Freelance

The only freelance platform in the world of internet to sell your skills & make thousands of dollars every month.

Canva Tool

An easy-to-use graphic or banner design platform that allows you to create a variety of graphics for your business and clients.