Meet Mr. Amit Biwaal – Journey, Achievements, and Current Status!


Creating a blog seems like a piece of cake.

But making money out of it is not relatively easy. It is a long-term game and takes a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, commitment to earn money from a blog.

Not everyone can succeed in monetizing and building a successful blog. But, if you take one step at a time to create a blog, get a good domain, and post consistently, you will be close enough to earn a fair share of money from blogging.

One such example, who not only managed to build a successful blog but also gained a significant amount of views on other writing platforms like Medium, is Amit Biwaal.



Make Money, Blogging & SEO, and Softwares.

Estimated Revenue

$1500 – $2000

Estimated Page Views

18K per Month

Let’s talk about his journey of creating a successful blog and building stable career.

Amit Biwaal started his journey of writing a blog in June 2019 with the fundamental motto of making readers’ lives easier through multiple money-making opportunities on the internet.

He initially got inspired by a 16-year-old writer while casually scrolling on Quora, who is traveling around the world with his writing income.

Amit then decided to make his way to the blogging world and extended his skills to being an SEO Engineer and Market analyst.

He now teaches thousands of readers to earn $100 a day online from the comfort of their homes.

Authenticity, engaging content, and emotional appeal are the core principles of his writing, which made him stand out from the crowd.

He had put his hands on Medium in 2021. One of his articles, Don’t Share These 5 Legal Ways to Make Money With Chatbots, on Medium got viral with around 15.5k+ views within a short span of time.

With realistic strategies to earn money with Chatbots, he nailed it with his writing style.

Don’t forget to check it out.

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He made his mark by publishing incredible articles on some of the top publications on Medium like Data-Driven Investor, Chatbots Journal, Illumination, Technology-Hits, Making of a Millionaire, Business Cutter, MindStick, Hackernoon, and YourStory.

He also shares his journey of hitting thousands of views and generating thousands of dollars on Medium through his articles.

On His Journey Ahead…

Amit also proved his excellence in other areas as a Growth Hacker, Pro Affiliate Marketer, and Organic SEO Marketer.

He helped hundreds of people quit their 9 to 5 desk jobs and build an empire in digital marketing through his proven marketing skills. 

He marketed various products to potential customers, thereby spiking up the sales through his specialized marketing techniques in content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

He is now on his dream path of becoming a billionaire and helping people become rich through his content.

How Much Amit Can Make through Blogging?

Amit Biwaal personally makes thousands of dollars from Medium, Content Writing, Blogging, Bluehost Affiliate Marketing, Online Advertising, SEO, and more!

Amit Biwaal hopes this blog helps you to make a living without working 9 to 5 jobs.

Check Out Amit’s Earnings Screenshot: – Actual earnings from Medium, Bluehost, Freelancing, ClickBank, Paypal. Some screenshots have not been uploaded due to some privacy concerns.

 medium earnings
bluehost earnings
clickbank earning
Paypal Earnings - Freelancing

Since 2020, He has been helping thousands of people find the best side business ideas that will allow them to make real money online and improve their financial lives at home.

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Thank you for taking part in my blogging journey!