20+ Must-Have Feet Pics Apps in 2024: The Definitive List

best apps to sell feet pics
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The digital world is continually growing, letting people find new-fangled ways to make money. Selling foot pictures is one such business enterprise that has recently gained a toehold owing to the availability of foot pics apps that smooth its progress.

There are now several platforms, like FeetFinder, on which individuals can sell their foot pictures for a profit, offering exclusive features and benefits. 

In this article, there is a discussion about some popular selling feet pics apps and the benefits of selling feet pics.

Depending on the quality of your pictures, you can make enough money even though there are a lot of foot picture sellers who can make 100 dollars per picture while they don’t have beautiful feet. 

This is because the way they represent their feet is excellent, and you can do that too. Even though there are many feet pics apps, if you make use of these apps correctly, you can make more than $8k per month, meaning more than $100k annually. It is a sufficient source of income from a side business, which you can do by selling your feet to earn extra cash. 

Many apps and websites also scam sellers, so you have to be cautious. It would be best if you used the selling feet pics apps mentioned below because these apps are legit places to sell foot pictures and videos.

Preparation Before Starting to Sell Foot Pictures Online

There are a variety of ways to sell foot pictures online for cash, but how much money you will make by selling your pictures depends on your approach and the way you present them. 

So, you need to know some of the most imperative factors to attract a larger audience and generate better income. Let’s be aware of the best way to sell pictures of your beautiful feet.

  • Light: Most buyers would like to view your photo in light, not at dusk, where feet are not visible without a doubt. If you’re at home, make certain that an adequate amount of light is available. If you are taking pictures outdoors, then take them in the daylight.
  • Hair: In particular, if you are a girl or woman, you should not have hair on your feet and legs as it will not create a center of attention for the buyers and fetch sufficient money. Even if you have hair, shave it before the photo shoot.
  • Cleanliness: It is one more necessary thing that you have to look after. If your feet are not clean, you cannot be a magnet for the buyers and make money from them; very few buyers will come to you. 
  • Quality: In the picture-selling industry, quality is the whole thing. So, do not focus on quantity; instead, focus on quality. No matter what feet pics apps you use, you should upload your pictures in HD quality. 
  • Maintenance: Purity is part of maintenance, but you should also apply the cream and pedicures regularly to keep your feet’ skin in good shape.
  • Not only feet: you should not just focus on feet, but legs are also imperative, as the bottom part of your legs will be observed while uploading foot pictures; therefore, you should retain them too.
  • Look After: If you go out with your friends, you should always put on socks to keep your feet dry. Even if it’s not probable, you should give them a try.

No matter which selling feet pics apps you select, always make out the payment method as each website and app has a diverse payment method, and along with it, they have extra monetization necessities.

20+ Must-Have Feet Pics Apps in 2024: The Definitive List


If you think that selling feet pictures is unsafe because you are scared of being scammed, it’s recommended that you start with FeetFinder, as this is one of the top selected selling feet pics apps for any picture buyer and seller.

To know more, you can read the FeetFinder reviews.

The FeetFinder app is unavailable due to Google and Apple’s policies against adult platforms. Instead, FeetFinder offers a user-friendly website for selling feet pictures. They plan to develop an app if permitted and have launched a Progressive Web App.

Feedfinder makes millions of dollars in transactions each year. Through this platform, lots of photo sellers make thousands of dollars a year. Another good thing about this app is that FeetFinder is available in more than one country. If you want to sell feet pics in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, or any place around the world, you can simply access this platform and make money by selling your feet ‘pictures. 

All you have to do is make an account and upload your high-quality pictures. If you have no problem, you can also display your face. It will create a center of attraction for a larger audience. FeetFinder will charge 20% of the total income that you will make by selling your pictures.


Try FeetFinder

FeetFinder is a secure platform for verified users to trade custom foot content, boasting over a million daily users buying and selling feet pics online without getting scammed.

2. Instafeet

Instafeet, renowned for being one of the top apps for selling feet pictures and videos online, has recently undergone a significant transformation. It’s now merged with FeetFinder, broadening its horizon and offering an even more comprehensive platform for those looking to monetize their foot photography.

Originally, Instafeet was the go-to app for anyone interested in selling foot pictures and videos for cash. It stood out in the market for allowing users to sell their content at the best possible prices, although these prices largely depended on the quality of the pictures. Users could easily browse through the latest posts and Instafeet reviews to gauge the market and set their prices accordingly.

The process to start selling on Instafeet was straightforward. Creators needed to create an account and get verified by the platform’s proficient team. This verification process required a government ID card to prove that the user was 18 or older. Once approved, users were eligible to sell their feet pictures for cash. For new users, it was recommended to start with a modest pricing strategy, such as beginning at $10, and then gradually increasing the price as they gained more subscribers and recognition.

Now, with Instafeet merging into FeetFinder, the opportunities have expanded. FeetFinder inherits the legacy of Instafeet, providing a secure and user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers. This merger means that users now have access to a larger audience and a more robust platform that combines the strengths of both Instafeet and FeetFinder.

For existing Instafeet users, this transition to FeetFinder opens up new avenues. They can now enjoy enhanced features, a broader customer base, and potentially higher earnings. The combined platform continues to prioritize user safety and privacy, ensuring that all transactions and interactions are conducted in a secure environment.

3. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is the best app to sell feet pics and videos for cash, being a real platform. You must provide a sample video if you are the seller. It will be complex for each person to create a fake account and make a scam, as you have to get verified by their team.  

This platform pays $1 for 1 minute. But they desire the video’s length to be at least 10 minutes. Then you will get $10 for that. You are also required to fill out a model verification form, where you will be asked for Height, weight, age, gender, etc. One of the most important apps, DollarFeet, will only choose you if your body type is athletic. 

It’s easy to use and is frequented by foot enthusiasts seeking fresh content. The attractive thing about Dollar Feet is that the site purchases your foot content directly and pays you upfront. You apply to be a foot model for Dollarr Feet, and once approved, you can send them content and get paid for whatever they accept.

4. Feetify

You can consider Feetify as an alternative to other apps to sell feet pics. In some cases, if you are not capable of creating an account on other selling feet pics apps, you should start with Feetify.  The benefit of using Feetify is that you can make money without selling foot pictures or selling them. 

This is because it also pays for your time; the more time you spend there, the more money you make. To sell foot pictures on Feetify, sign up by filling in your username, email ID, password, country, and age. This app permits you to communicate with the purchaser. If you find a real buyer, you sign a deal with them if the buyer is a content creator or belongs to an advertisement agency.

5. Feetpics

Feetpics lets you sell foot pictures and videos and do foot cams. If you search for foot pictures on Google, you will view the results on the first page. It is because Feetpics is a legitimate app for buying and selling foot pictures online. This app has various payment options, such as bank transfers and credit cards. To do so, open their app and make an account. But you have to pay the money to make an account, which you have to pay at the account opening time. After that, the bargain hunter can exchange a few words with you directly through your email ID. 

It’s suggested to make use of a forged email ID instead of an original one, which is used regularly; plus, the chat option is also accessible there. A few of the best apps to sell feet pics charge a 10% to 20% fee on your final sales. On the other hand, this app will not price any commission for the reason that they are already taking money for the subscriptions, which is good.

6. Foap

Are you thinking about how to sell feet pics on Foap, or can you sell or not? You can sell your feet pictures there, and the benefit of this platform is that you don’t have to be 18 or above. There are already lots of creators working on it and earning money by selling feet pictures. 

You have to make an account on foap; you can also open their site or download an application from the Play Store. After making an account effectively, you will view a marketplace where you can sell feet pictures.  Besides, If you partake in a contest, you can create 100 to 500 dollars extra, but there is no assurance that you can 100 percent do it.

7. OnlyFans

When you hear of OnlyFans, only one thing will come to mind: adult content. But is it true that OnlyFans can only be used for adult content? Well, that’s not the truth; many artists and celebrities also use this platform to connect with their fans. 

It would be good to say that OnlyFans is the best platform for selling your pictures and videos. It has over 1 million active creators and over a hundred million registered users. And more than 100 sellers of OnlyFans are millionaires just because of selling feet pics on OnlyFans.

The best thing about this platform is that you can create your subscription plan. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on which is suitable for you. Whenever someone subscribes to your profile, he will have to pay. However, OnlyFans will keep 20% of the total income that you will earn by selling your pictures. Therefore, you can also grab this opportunity and create an account for free.

8. Only Feet Lovers

As the name suggests, “only feet lovers” is a platform for those who are feet lovers. This platform connects buyers and sellers, where you can sell pictures, movies, and many other things. 

However, you cannot create an account on Feet Lovers for free. You will have to pay about $15 for a premium membership. You can earn that registration or platform fee by selling feet pictures.

9. MeetMe

Meetme is the same as Kik, where you can meet new people and sell feet pics. Therefore, we consider it an excellent social media platform where you can meet the best feet pics buyers and communicate with them. To do so, create an account, which you can do with your Facebook account.  

No matter which country you belong to, you will get instant approval because it’s a social media platform. It will not work like FeetFinder or Instafeet, where you wait until their professional team verifies your profile. However, after that, you can upload your pictures, and then whoever you like will come to you.

10. Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce platform known for homemade and handcrafted items. While not typically related to feet pics, it can be a good outlet to sell them. When selling feet pics on Etsy, relevant tags and keywords are important for visibility. Be sure to use descriptive terms like feet pics, soles, toes, etc. Price reasonably, factoring in Etsy’s $0.20 listing fee and 5% sales commission. 

Keep in mind that the Etsy community grows to expect a more creative approach, so creative, well-composed shots may perform better than basic foot pics. Approach it as selling an art product rather than just photos of your feet. Carefully consider tagging, pricing, and presentation for success in selling feet pics on Etsy.

11. Wiki Feet

WikiFeet is a photo-sharing app dedicated to selling pictures of celebrities’ feet. When selling feet pics, the celebrity must have been over 18 and reasonably covered in the photos. With nearly 3 million foot fetish users, WikiFeet has many potential buyers. 

You can sell feet pics and talk with interested buyers in the comments. As it focuses on celebrity feet, positioning your pics for that audience could increase interest. Overall, WikiFeet is the best app to sell feet pics.

12. Rediit

As a Reddit user, you can join the Foot Fetish subreddit and request access to related Discord servers. Reddit is driven by upvotes and downvotes – the more upvotes your posts and comments get, the more visible they become. You can also directly message potential buyers. 

Once contacted, you can sell pics directly. Set up your Reddit account, start conversations around feet pics, and connect with buyers worldwide. Reddit provides a built-in audience and tools to market and sell your feet pics.

13. Whisper

Whisper is an anonymous photo-sharing app that brands itself as the safest place on the Internet. As such, it is one of the best apps for selling feet pics anonymously. You can post feet pics and communicate with potential buyers safely in the comments without sharing personal details. While there is no direct messaging, you can share external contact information, like an app or email address. 

As an anonymous and secure foot-selling app, Whisper allows you to test the waters without overusing yourself. Invest carefully in high-quality shots and foot care products to attract buyers. Overall, Whisper is a top feet pics selling app for safe, anonymous income.

14. Kik

Kik is a popular free messaging app, especially among teens. While Kik is mainly used for chatting with friends, Kik can also be used for selling feet pics without getting scammed. There are many foot fetish groups to join where you can network and sell your feet pics. Use important hashtags so potential buyers can find and reach out about your feet pics.

Once contacted, you can deal with pricing and payment. With groups catering to the niche and the ability to remain anonymous, Kik is a straightforward, safe feet pics selling app. Start connecting in niche groups and leverage the platform’s strengths to begin monetizing your feet pics.

15. Snapchat

Snapchat is now well-known for its fun filters, but you can also use it as a selling feet pics app. Start by building an audience with frequent story uploads. A paid subscription between $5-50 monthly allows you to monetize your content. While investing upfront, you can earn back subscription fees through feet pic sales. 

Once you have an audience, attract buyers with beautiful foot content. When interested buyers engage, redirect them to your external feet-selling platform profile to complete the transaction. As a popular photo and video app with subscription monetization, Snapchat provides useful tools for discoverability when leveraging it as a selling feet pics app.

16. TikTok

With over a billion global users, TikTok presents a massive opportunity for selling feet pics apps. Build an audience through regular video uploads using proper hashtags and captions. While TikTok lacks combined selling features as a platform, you can redirect motivated buyers to your external profiles. 

Consistent, high-quality content driving traffic to your feet-selling profiles is key to success when using TikTok as a selling feet pics app.

17. Tinder

As the most popular dating app, Tinder offers the potential for selling feet pics despite not being a marketplace. With over 100 million downloads, it provides access to a massive user base. Tinder sign-up is simple with a Google account. Profile creation is free, and there is no charge for uploading eye-catching foot content that can attract potential buyers. While you cannot directly sell feet pics on Tinder, attracting motivated buyers through feet content can channel demand to your selling platforms. 

18. Patreon

Patreon is not a direct feet selling app, but influencers can support it to sell feet pics. Build an active social media following on platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Once proven, capture beautiful, cute feet pictures and offer unique prints for buying through customized Patreon product integrations. 

Fans can then easily order high-quality feet pic, mugs, prints, and more, extending your monetization. While Patreon takes a commission, it handles product fulfillment needs from printing to shipping. By offering specialized feet pic content to engaged followers, creators can strategically generate income sources while growing their brand’s reach and direction.

19. All Things Worn

As the name suggests, All Things Worn is a marketplace for gently used or used clothes, including dresses, bras, and undergarments. Additionally, there’s a section containing images of feet.

To become a member of All Things Worn, you must be at least eighteen years old. You can sell your feet pics and videos using your name or anonymously. As a premium seller, you have the opportunity to make more money, but you may also sell for free. KinkCoin is a popular cryptocurrency in the adult industry, and All Things Worn uses it to pay its sellers.

20. Facebook

You may use Facebook Marketplace to sell your feet pics online as a selling feet pics app. To maintain your anonymity on the network, register for a new account and create a new listing. You can list what you’re selling, set a price, and upload pictures. Someone may write you on Facebook to find out more information if they would like to view additional photos of your feet. 

Facebook provides an easy way to get your feet pics in front of interested buyers while maintaining privacy. Facebook does not handle shipping or payment for buys, so you will have to deal with the customer directly to arrange these things.

21. Instagram

One of the best social media apps for selling feet pics is Instagram, which has over a billion active members. Since Instagram foot photos may help users gain a huge following, many people sell them for a good price. To begin selling foot photos, all you have to do is make a separate account (don’t use your account) and begin sharing your photos with potential buyers. 

Make sure the photos you upload are both beautiful, lovely, and of good quality. To reach more people, use trending hashtags like #feetpics and #feetfetish. Later, you may inform people that you sell feet pictures and videos, that you provide personalized content, and that you provide your price so that interested parties can direct message you.


There are plenty of great apps available to help you sell your feet pics! From apps that are specifically designed for selling feet pics to general marketplace apps that offer a wide variety of products, there’s something for everyone. 

Choose the app that fits your needs, and make sure to read up on their terms of service and fees before signing up. But if you ask for my opinion, FeetFinder is the best application to sell feet pics, because internet users have been praising this cutting-edge platform in their FeetFinder reviews.

Whether you’re a foot fetishist wishing to meet with like minded folks or simply curious about exploring the fascinating world of feet- FeetFinders has gained 10/10 marks.

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