10 Best Automated Live Webinar Software Platforms For Small Business

Live Webinar Software Platforms For Small Business
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Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Amit Biwaal

We are all aware that modern culture is based entirely on the notion of information exchange. Personal communication sufficed at the beginning of civilization; prehistoric people would collect and pass on essential information to one another, resulting in primitive social media.

A number of members of the group are eager to share their knowledge with others. The knowledge grabbers can make a proposal or ask a question at any time during the session.

During the age of enlightenment, such gatherings became known as seminars. The name and format of such conferences have essentially stayed similar over time. During a seminar, one or more key speakers usually address the audience.

In this day of globalisation and quick technology development, it is becoming increasingly difficult to arrange private encounters due to the weight of agility and territorial disunity. Qualified speakers can’t be in two places at once or go fast from one to the other. Modern telecommunications technology, on the other hand, assist people in getting linked with the help of the best webinar platforms for small business. 

Similarly, online seminars or webinars are among the most effective methods for learning and conducting business from a distance and also a great example to make money with affiliate marketing.

Note: 77% of marketers use webinars for lead creation, while the majority of business utilize webinars for customer assistance, lead nurturing, product explanations, and other purposes.

Although there are numerous definitions for a webinar, we believe the following is the most accurate:

A webinar is a group training session that takes place over the internet. While live contact is difficult to replace, webinar technologies can bring conferencing as close as possible to reality, with webinar features changing as technology advances. Let’s speak about why small business require automated webinar software now that you know what a webinar is.

Webinars allow us to educate and teach our leads on why our product is so beneficial. By participating in a webinar, your audience will be able to identify a name with a face and a voice with a name.

They allow you to make personal relationships and have real-time conversations. We will most likely supply you with the wonderful benefits of the best webinar platforms for small business to support the definition.

Benefits Of Live Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business

Webinars are one of the most successful marketing channels available to organisations in today’s digital age, as previously stated. Below is a comprehensive overview of the advantages of using a webinar.

Increasing the value of an organization’s online services

This helps to build a wealth of information database relevant not just for the current major human assets of your firm.

The Establishment of Authority

To promote yourself or your organisation as an authority on the market your service, create and host webinars packed with informative and relevant information for our audience.

A Larger Audience Base 

Anyone from anywhere in the globe can view webinars. So companies have access to the essential internet-enabled devices and best-automated webinar platform to reach everybody in the world.

Branding Value Increase

Company branding takes a lot of time, effort and money. Having a webinar tool for small business, enable users to customise their individual presentations by incorporating their own brand colours, logos and domain names.

Strengthening and Maintaining Long-Term Business Relationships

You can display your products or services as fully as your webinar presenter desires and describe your objective. The host of the best-automated webinar platform will decide how long it lasts and they will receive undivided attention if they are sufficiently interesting.

As you are familiar with the pros of having a webinar, now let us have a look at some of the best-automated webinar platforms for small business. To give you a clear picture we will be going over some of the features of the top 10 best webinar platforms for small business. Along with that, we will also provide a simple description of the purpose of each platform – all you need to choose is the ideal webinar for your purposes.

What is Best Automated Live Webinar Software?

The best automated live webinar software allows you to conduct live events with participants and operates without any problem. It helps small teams and companies manage webinars and online meetings. It allows any sales, human resources or marketing team to easily carry out online activities for their audience. The following is my top choice of the best webinar software, let you decide which webinar platform is right for you.

Top 10 Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business

1. Demio.

2. Livestorm.

3. WebinarJam.

4. EverWebinar.

5. WebinarNinja.

6. BlueJeans.

7. GoToWebinar.

8. GetResponse.

9. ClickMeeting.

10. WebinarOnAir.

I have been spending time testing every webinar platform on myself, so I look forward to seeing which tool is best for your business through this list of the best live webinar software tools and their features, benefits, and costs.

1. Demio

Demio is my # 1 recommended webinar platform.

demio - live webinar softwareDemio is now one of the best webinar platforms for small business. The entire epidemic has thrived, adapted and continued to satisfy the rising requirements of internet marketing teams. Throughout the years, while numerous other platforms are out of date, Demio delivers a powerful, current platform.

In contrast to many webinars that offer automatic or live webinars, Demio gives both a pre-recorded and live recordings and also the option for hybrid mixes.

Demio Features:

Stay registered series: Allow people once to register for a series of webinars.

Private Chat: Users can send private messages, accessible to everybody, to event coordinators or public messages.

Branded registration page: To keep your brand consistent.

Like Live Replays: Automatically create email list replays for your webinars.

Analytics: Additional insight into the performance of your webinar.

Try Demio

2. Livestorm

Best Webinar Software (Free – $99/month)

livestorm - online webinar software

Livestorm is one of the only webinars to be a marketing tool or best webinar software for small business. Livestorm has a lot more to offer, while it still delivers all the marketing tools you might anticipate (automation sequences, automatic replays etc.).

The whole platform has a gorgeous design and a terrific user experience — from the landing pages to the live webinars. It’s a dark box, last but not least. In contrast to some of the most outdated webinar platforms, it is the best-automated webinar platform. Livestorm interacts with most standard marketing applications, such as Hubspot and SalesForce.

Livestorm Features:

Automated webinars: Schedule webinars to be replayed during the day at certain periods – for example, every hour.

Webinars on demand: Tell users that they are going to start a webinar to encourage them to register on the spot.

Live webinars: The usual live webinar.

Polls: Speak in real-time to participants and make them.

Instant meetings: Livestorm is intended for Zoom and Google Hangout as a sweet video conference for your corporation.

Free training: Extensive webinar materials.

Analytics: View of your strategy’s performance.

You can start using Livestorm webinar software for free and upgrade to a premium plan for more participants.

Try Livestorm

3. WebinarJam

We specifically negotiated a 14-day trial for $1!

webinarjam-best - online webinar platforms

The same team as EverWebinar develops WebinarJam but focuses on live webinars. WebinarJam is more like the best webinar software for small business so that this tool is not automated or programmed. However, EverWebinar is precisely synchronised to deliver a platform combination that satisfies all your webinars – better and cheaper than most competitors.

WebinarJam Features:

Streaming: Facebook Live Stream, YouTube Live or JamCast’s private webinar.

Record: Record each webinar to be used with EverWebinar automatically.

Branded pages: Adapt your brand consistency pages.

Interaction: Live chat, polling and virtual white broader engaging viewers.

Presentations: Insert video produced for presenting reasons in your webinars.

Security: Password-protected webinar rooms.

Analytics: reports on the performance as your webinar tool for small business.

You can start a 14-day trial of WebinarJam for $1 to test its features. Go to their pricing page and hover your mouse near the top of the screen to trigger their opt-out intent pop-up window with this offer.

Try WebinarJam

 4. EverWebinar

Best Automation Features (60-Day Trial for $1).

everwebinar - webinar software

EverWebinar is a sister tool of WebinarJam, which can help small business generate potential customers and increase revenue by hosting webinars. And while its website provides intense informative vibes its platform is annoyingly as amazing as it claims. It’s one of my all-time favourite marketing tools, and I’ve been using it for years.

The automated “evergreen webinar” was pioneered by EverWebinar some years ago. You may programme and automate your Webinars using EverWebinar to play at certain intervals and this best-automated webinar platform seeks to recreate the live user experience.

EverWebinar Features:

Webinars automatically: scheduling webinars to replay during the day at certain periods – e.g. every hour.

Just-in-time webinars: Tell users that a webinar is about to begin and that they are encouraged to register onsite.

Block nighttime viewing: Stop playing your webinar at night to maintain genuine the illusión of live webinars. 

Dates block: Stop playing on any desired date or holiday from your webinar.

Automatic time zone detection: Automatically specifies the time zones of your webinar, so that you have to plan everything only once.

Free training: Deep webinar resources and EverWebinar use.

You can get a 60-day trial version of EverWebinar for only $1.

Try EverWebinar

5. WebinarNinja

Best Platform for High-End Coaches ($39/month).

webinarninja - webinar tool for small businesses

WebinarNinja, like AppSumo, and BareMetrics, has cleared up all the details on a webinar that you desired. WebinarNinja is designed to do one thing really well, from interfaces with all major CRM systems to time offerings and built-in email notifications, so you can convert participants into customers.

It is the best webinar platform for small business, superbly designed and, although many webinars on their landing pages skimp, WebinarNinja is a lovely choice.

WebinarNinja Features:

Compensated Events: Run webinars free or virtual amounts paid.

Tracking ad: Insert your pixel for tracking Facebook ads.

Webinars: Perform entirely automated replays or combine live with the pre-registered elements. automatic and hybrid webinars:

Integrations: Integrate with more than 1000 applications using Zapier.

Many speakers: Have one or more speakers.

Analytics: reports on the performance of your live webinar.

If your company wishes to organise a series or summit, WebinarNinja allows you to create multi-session courses with simply one registration.

Try WebinarNinja and get a 14-day free trial.

Try WebinarNinja

6. BlueJeans 

Best for all-hands meetings, town halls and webcasts ($83/month).

bluejeans - online webinar software

BlueJeans enables consumers to substitute their “used webinars” for production experience, which transforms obsolete pin-ups into video events. Your media stack has a crystal-clear experience fueled by HD video and Dolby Voice audio.

BlueJeans Events offers up to 150 speakers, chat, poll, Q&A, watch sharing, app sharing, pre-uploaded media playback and is the best webinar software for small business. This allows event managers to adjust during the presentation. To keep audiences awaited.

BlueJeans Features:

Waiting Room: The waiting room function enables the moderator to manage who can enter the BlueJeans meeting and when.

Advanced Meeting: Make the tracking of action items and highlight select themes for future follow-up talks more efficient than previously.

Breakout Sessions: Break-out sessions allow moderators to build up separate conference rooms and to remove participants as required.

Annotation and Whiteboarding: The new BlueJeans Desktop App provides annotation and whiteboarding features for users while sharing content.

Virtual Background: The virtual history function allows you to display an image as your background during a BlueJeans meeting or to blur the background.

BlueJeans offers an unrivalled meeting experience with one-touch meeting joins from your preferred scheduling and collaboration applications, devices, and room systems.

Try BlueJeans events and webinars for free, and hold unlimited test events for 14 days.

Try BlueJeans

7. GoToWebinar

gotowebinar - right webinar software

GoToWebinar is the next webinar tool for small business on my list. You don’t have to worry about the confusion and clutter that comes with your webinar and can focus on more people and the growth of your business with GoToWebinar.

It also provides you with a range of options to better your webinars, from flexible scheduling to the whole process of event management. You can also access many built-in webinars, which give the optimal corporate atmosphere.

GoToWebinar Features:

Branding: With Gotowebinar, the users can easily collaborate or allow the hosts to promote their brand.

Role-based Permissions: The host can seamlessly assign the roles or grant permissions as per their roles in the session.

Recording: To have access to later viewing of the session, the host can also allow live recording on this platform. 

Polls & Surveys: The attendees of the webinar can take part in the polls and surveys conducted by the host. 

Try GoToWebinar

8. GetResponse

All-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business ($49/month).

getresponse - webinar platforms for small businesses.

GetResponse is primarily an email marketing platform, however, most of its subscriptions have strong webinar functionality. If you’re looking for the best webinar platforms for small businessthat can handle email marketing, webinar marketing, and basic automation, this is a decent option.

GetResponse Features:

Quick planning: In a matter of seconds, choose your dates, times, and build personalised URLs for your webinars.

YouTube integration: Increase your viewership by integrating YouTube.

Recordings: Record your webinars, download them, and share them with anybody you want.

Engagement: Dynamic presentations, interactive whiteboards, movies, and live chat can all be used to engage spectators.

Security: SSL-encrypted URLs are used for security, and you may choose whether your webinar is open to the public or password-protected.

Start your free 30-day trial without a credit card.

Try GetResponse

9. ClickMeeting

clickmeeting - best webinar platform for small businesses

Another dedicated webinar application, ClickMeeting, has pretty much all of the functionality you’d expect at this point and is the best webinar platform for small business. The one big flaw is, once again, the lack of an automated relay capability; however, webinars can be recorded and downloaded for sharing.

ClickMeeting Features:

Subaccounts: Assign webinar responsibilities to different members of your team.

Customisation: Invitations, branded webinars, and “waiting rooms” can all be customised.

Recordings: Record your webinars, download them, and share them with anybody you want.

Engagement: Viewers will be more engaged if you use dynamic presentations, an interactive whiteboard, videos, and live chat.

Try ClickMeeting

10. WebinarOnAir 

WebinarsOnAir bills itself as a solution with “all the webinar functionality you need” from a platform like this. It’s a strong assertion, to be sure, but it’s backed up by a lot of the essential features we’ve been searching for in this set of tools, as well as it is the best webinar software for small business.

WebinarOnAir Features:

Tracking pixels: Tracking pixels are a new feature that allows you to use AdWords for retargeting.

Automated webinars: You can use the footage from your webinars as evergreen content.

Options for monetization: Use popup-style product offers to entice viewers to convert.

Polls, surveys, and chat options can all be used to engage your audience.

What Makes the Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business?

The best webinar platform should be simple to use and allow hosts and attendees to interact.

It shouldn’t be difficult to create and sell webinars.

In order to be a successful webinar platform, it must include crucial engagement tools such as:

• Polls
• Survey
• Q/A
• Chat applications with advanced features

Although some of these engagement tools may be useful, depending on your webinar requirements, others may be ineffective. When selecting the finest webinar platform for your small business, video and sound quality should be of the highest possible quality.

Hosting a webinar on a platform with a lot of malfunctions, such as occasionally shutting out attendees, and many other issues will only frustrate your attendees and cause everyone involved to waste time.

Another thing to consider is the functionality of the webinar platform. You should understand how many people the platform can accommodate.

Finally, the pricing of the platform should be your guide when choosing the best webinar platforms for small business. The price should not be too high but should be a reasonable and good value for money.

Which is the Right Webinar Software For Your Business?

This list includes some excellent live webinar software platforms for small business as well as a couple of outside bets that cater to more specialised requirements.

Among the various webinar software available online, I have selected the result-oriented live webinar software for small business that provide unexpected outcomes and have a variety of capabilities. You can confidently choose any of them and begin to see a significant improvement in your company’s online growth. Sounds good!

Furthermore, if you are still unsure about which webinar software is the ideal option for you, choose WebinarJam which may provide you with significant outcomes. LiveStorm, EverWebinar, WebinarNinja, and ClickMeeting are more options for interactive and entertaining events with strong marketing capabilities and a free webinar hosting trail.

Do you want to see any tools you use in this list? Please let us know in the comments section below

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