10 Best Dark Web Browsers to Keep You Safe in 2022

Best Dark Web Browsers
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I’m confident you have a plan in mind if you’ve come to this site seeking for browsers to access the black market or dark web anonymously.

I hope you’re aware of the risks and issues involved, whether you’re just interested in how it works, want to create an anonymous Facebook account, trade bitcoins, or download a large number of comic books.

But first, a brief explanation of the deep web and how it differs from the dark web.

Although the phrases are frequently used interchangeably, there is a significant distinction between them. The deep web is a portion of the internet that is not a search engine accessible or indexed.

It implies you won’t be able to access the deep web using a Google search. The deep web may require you to sign in or give additional forms of identification, it typically contains fee-based material, pages prohibited by owners, and even medical information, to mention a few examples.

The dark web is a section of the deep web that is kept secret for numerous reasons. It is where things get a little complex since you’ll need to download special browsers to open the .onion URLs.

Even while the deep web is an immensely beneficial environment for various reasons, it’s no secret that it’s also a hotbed for criminal activity of all kinds. There’s virtually nothing weird you can’t do there, from counterfeit money to the black market to even hiring an assassin (yikes!).

Wondering how to get on to dark web?

If you’re new to the deep or dark web, this blog may be able to assist you to traverse it safely without jeopardizing your identity, data, location, or security.

Let’s look at some of the dark web browsers that can get used to accessing .onion sites.

Warning: Explore The Deep Web Anonymously

One of the most essential things to remember is that you should utilize a VPN (like NordVPN) in addition to the special browsers when browsing the deep web. It will safeguard your identity, personal information, and location from illegal activity, allowing you to surf the web anonymously without being caught.

It is especially useful if Tor (The Onion Router) or other dark web browsers are outlawed or prohibited in your location since it allows you to avoid government monitoring radars.

Top 10 Best Browsers To Keep You Safe In 2022

Here are the 10 of the best dark web browsers listed for anonymously exploring the deep web:

1. Tor Browser

Tor, an open-source dark web browser that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, provides unrivaled protection and continues to be at the top of the dark web browser list.

Here’s how to get Tor installed on your computer:

  • Download and install the Tor browser.
  • Run the downloaded file and extract the browser to the location of your choice. (If you like, you can also extract it to a pen drive.)
  • After that, open the folder and choose the Tor browser to begin using it.

Even while Tor technology protects you, you should still utilize a VPN for an extra layer of protection. Taking risks when it comes to the dark web is never a smart idea. It is the most widely used browser in this list of the best browser for dark web.

2. Whonix

Whonix is a Linux-based operating system that prioritizes privacy and security and includes Tor, making it a good choice for anyone looking to explore the deep, hidden web.

The OS is free to download and use because it is open-source.

If you want to try Whonix, follow these instructions to download and install it.

  • First and foremost, get and install VirtualBox.
  • When you are finished, pick ‘file’ in VirtualBox.
  • Then, on the Whonix Gateway picture, click ‘proceed.’
  • ‘Appliance settings’ should now appear in a dialogue box. Select ‘import.’
  • Select ‘I agree.’
  • Wait for Whonix-Gateway.ova to be imported first.
  • After that, repeat the instructions for Whonix.Workstation.ova.
  • After that, start VirtualBox and open both Whonix Gateway and Whonix Workstation.
  • When the Whonix Gateway has completed loading, use the instructions to connect it to the Tor network.
  • Click ‘Ok’ on the ‘Whonixcheck’ dialogue box after the Gateway is linked to Tor.
  • Now go to the bottom left corner and choose the icon directly next to ‘Applications’ to open the terminal.
  • The system will most likely prompt you for your password at this time. This step’s default password is ‘changeme,’ which you may want to change later, but for now, just go ahead and do it.
  • Your Workstation window is most likely checking for updates right now. If it isn’t, go to ‘Application,’ choose a system,’ and then ‘Whonixcheck.’
  • When it’s finished looking for updates, open a terminal and type apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade’, then do the same with the Gateway.

And that’s it! It’s worth noting that once you’ve finished, you may change the password to something safer.

Run system checks on both the Gateway and the Workstation regularly to ensure that security is always intact and up to date.

3. Firefox

Did you know that Firefox can also get used to visiting the dark web?

You are in for a big surprise if you didn’t! All you have to do is use Firefox to connect to Tor.

Are you stumped?

The steps are mentioned below:

  • To download and install Firefox, follow these steps.
  • After that, navigate to the ‘preferences’ tab.
  • Hover your mouse over ‘Network Settings’ and select settings.’
  • After that, look for ‘configure proxy access to the internet and select manual proxy configuration.
  • Set the SOCKS Host and Port to and 9050, respectively.
  • After that, under SOCKS Host, select ‘SOCKS v5’.
  • Before clicking ‘ok,’ ensure sure ‘Proxy DNS while using SOCKS v5’ is checked.

You’ll need to test Tor now that you’re connected to it using Firefox. Please try loading check.torproject.org.

You should get a congrats message if everything gets set up successfully.

Congratulations if you can see it!

You may now spend as much time as you want on the dark web! (But stay away from the weird stuff; things may turn hazardous in just three minutes.) It is one of the best in this best dark web browsers list.

4.  Invisible Internet Project

The Invisible Internet Project, or I2P, was designed for those who cherish their anonymity, just like Whonix.

It’s a private network layer that’s 100 percent encrypted and was created to keep your personal information safe and secure.

Instead of onion routing, the I2P uses garlic routing as an alternative to Tor. Garlic routing is uni-directional and produces clumps of messages to prevent individual messages from being exploited by observers, much like garlic cloves!

The I2P is easy to install, set up, and operate.

  • To begin, select the version that best suits your system and download it.
  • It’s worth noting that you’ll need Java installed on your PC for I2P to work. If your download isn’t working because you don’t have Java installed on your computer, a dialogue box will appear, directing you to the Java download page. Before continuing, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed it.
  • Your I2P download should open and display a dialogue box to continue the installation process after Java is installed.
  • If it’s open, you’ll most likely see two choices: ‘base’ and ‘windows service.’ If you want the I2P to work continuously from the minute you turn on your computer, choose ‘base’ AND ‘windows service.’ Leave ‘windows service’ blank and click ‘next’ if you want to be able to turn I2P on and off whenever you choose.
  • The installation wizard should walk you through the rest of the procedure. You should be able to see the I2P group among the options in your start menu if you haven’t altered the default settings.

5.  Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS is another Tor-based dark web browser that ensures impregnable security by utilizing Sandboxing, Metaproxy, Package security, Kernel hardening, and Filesystem encryption.

If you believe that’s it, you’re wrong. It is one of the best browsers in this list of best browsers for dark web.

Aside from all of these amazing capabilities, Subgraph OS also includes secure IM, sometimes known as CoyIM, and Icedove, a secure email client.

Are you intrigued?

Here’s how to get Subgraph OS and install it:

  • First and foremost, get the version that is compatible with your operating system and hardware (you get the drill)
  • Select ‘Graphical Install’ from the choices when it boots.
  • The remainder of the installation procedure is simple. Simply follow the wizard’s instructions and log in to Subgraph OS to begin enjoying your ultra-private environment.

6. WaterFox

If you didn’t notice, this dark web browser is based on Firefox, which we’ve all used before. The browser does not have a plugin whitelist because it is designed for power users.

It means you may use Silverlight and Java Applets, as well as any extension, without worrying about your data being transferred back to Mozilla or the Waterfox project.

Here’s how to get Waterfox and install it.

  • Grab your browser and start downloading.
  • Extract the file after it has finished downloading.
  • You’re ready to utilize it if you stick to the default settings in the installation procedure.

Isn’t it rather straightforward?

7.  Tails

The Amnesic Incognito Live System, also known as Tails, is a live operating system designed to safeguard its users’ online anonymity.

You may either download and install it or use a USB device to access it.

To maintain security, your existing system OS will be momentarily deactivated when you use Tails. In Tails, all connections are made over the Tor dispersed network.

Any attempt to bypass this network gets promptly terminated, ensuring that your location, privacy, and identity are always protected.

It is one of the best in this best dark web browsers list.

Here’s how to get Tails and use it:

  • To begin, it’s preferable to download tails onto a USB device for added protection. So, before you begin, make sure your USB is connected.
  • Then, download the version that is compatible with your equipment and operating system.

8. Freenet

If you’re looking for the greatest dark web browsers, look no further.

Another outstanding example!

Freenet, being a peer-to-peer network, encrypts data before sending it out onto the internet, making it a perfect browser for surfing the dark web.

It also sends its online and external connections through several nodes for further protection. The browser ensures that prying eyes stay away from your data by using a decentralized, distributed network for data encryption.

It is one of the best browsers in this list of best browsers for dark web.

For censorship-resistant communication and publication, Freenet provides darknet and open net modes to its users.

How to get Freenet is as follows:

  • To begin, go to their website’s download page and download the browser.
  • Run the installer to install the project after you’ve downloaded it.
  • If the download or installation fails for whatever reason, the download page should include further information to assist you to handle the problem.

9. Opera

Oh Yes!

We’re talking about the browser that everyone had on their computers about a decade ago and was all the rage.

You’re in for a surprise if you didn’t realize you could use it to browse the dark web!

Opera is one of the top dark web browsers out there!

To get on to deep web, you’ll need to alter the router information in your settings tab, just like you would in Firefox so that you can connect to the Tor network seamlessly.

Once you’ve completed this, you may use the dark web whenever you want!

Opera comes with its built-in VPN, one of the best features for accessing the black web. Even if it isn’t as strong as an independent, high-quality VPN service like NordVPN, it still performs a fantastic job of giving an extra layer of security to your browsing. 

To get the Opera browser, follow these steps:

  • This link will allow you to download the browser.
  • Run the installer and set it up after your download is complete.
  • Change your settings and relax while browsing the dark web anonymously!

10. Zero Net

ZeroNet is the final browser on our list of top dark web browsers. This peer-to-peer communication tool is based on Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network.

Instead of IP addresses, ZeroNet sites get identified by public keys.

Even though the platform is not completely anonymous, it may be connected to the Tor network via a VPN. The platform is free to use and does not require any setting, making it easy to get started.

Here’s how to get it and make it a dark web browser:

  • To get the ZeroNet package, click this link.
  • After you’ve downloaded the package, all you have to do now is unpack it and start using it.

Summing Up

I truly hope you have liked reading this article, which provides you with a list of browsers that are suggested for using the dark web.

In this context, I would strongly advise you to always utilise a virtual private network (VPN) in order to use dark web browsers and access the deep black web in a secure manner.

Because using a virtual private network (VPN) is so important as an additional layer of security to help you protect yourself when using a deep dark web browser

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