11 Best Self-Employed Jobs with No Qualification in 2022

11 Best Self-Employed Jobs with No Qualification in 2022
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Searching for the best self-employed jobs with no qualification in 2022?

This new era of the Internet world has shown some dramatic differences especially when it comes to making money.

Traditionally, the most common way to earn money was through Jobs.

I was also one of those minds who thought that going to the office at 9 AM and returning back at 5 PM was the only way through which I can afford my expenses and considered this bounded routine an unsaid rule of living peacefully.

Look at me writing a blog about the 11 best self-employed jobs with no qualification in 2022.

Isn’t it funny how time changes us and the way we think about this world?

Even now, there are hundreds and thousands of people who are pursuing Masters and PhDs only so that they can get a good job.


No offence to studies, I am myself planning for higher education to get more knowledge about the world of the internet.

Studying and learning new things broaden the way you think and help us with personal development.

Studying for a good job sounds funny to me!

Hey, welcome to our new blog. Hope you are having a day filled with blessings!

What if I say that you can earn a handsome amount of money even if you have no particular qualification or degree in your hand?

Believe me or not, the amount of money you make will never ever depend on your qualification.

Obviously, when I say qualification is not a mandate factor behind being a millionaire I am not saying that money can be made without any skill, dedication, and hard work!

Are you ready to change the concept of 9 to 5 and blow your minds through the 10 best self-employed jobs with no qualification?

Are you ready to make a living without a job?

Let’s dive into the ocean of opportunity where we’ll find one of the best self-employed jobs without qualifications.

11 Best Self-Employed Jobs with No Qualification in 2022

1. Affiliate Marketing

I can’t write enough on this topic.

This is 2022 and the amount of growth made by the affiliate industry is remarkable!

Many of us dream about opening a business but the thought of investment and risk involved pull us back and push towards the ritual of 9 to 5.

Isn’t it sad?

The concept of affiliate marketing was introduced as a blessing to all of us.

I have always considered affiliate marketing as a business that allows us to make money with no limits and the least investment risk involved.

Being a part of the affiliate marketing family, you will be promoting some brands so that more and more people can experience its goodness.

Here, you will be making money through commissions, you will be in direct contact with the brands, and the more people purchase through you, the more money will be credited to your bank account!

There are several businesses that are promoting affiliate marketing but one of my favorites is NordVPN!

You can take a look at the screenshot below to see how I earned $1,000 + through the NordVPN affiliate program.

I have written a separate blog for the NordVPN Affiliate Program so that you can also make money and get yourself familiar with an income that has no limits!

After reading all these self-employed jobs with no qualifications, if affiliate marketing got your interest I will strongly recommend you to go through the given blog link and make your dreams come true as soon as possible!

2. Start Writing on Medium

Did you know that you can write on Medium and make a living without a job?

Yes, you heard it right.

I joined Medium 6 months ago and started writing on it and now I am earning more than $1000 per month without any problem.

Medium; Could it be self-employed jobs?

The answer is YES!

Given are the screenshots which can justify my words like I am getting thousands of organic traffic on my articles and I am converting those users into my customers.


In the end, Medium offers you the opportunity to both earn money and market your other websites and enterprises.

All it requires (like with anything worthwhile) is some effort, time, and patience.

3. Website Development

We all are clearly aware of the pace at which the market is booming, not only offline stores but the growth is clearly visible on online platforms as well!

Almost every business that is showing its presence in the offline market can also be seen growing as an online store.

Am I correct?

What according to you, businesses are doing to make an online presence?

They design websites right?

Yes, obviously!

Creating, purchasing, or designing a website is a mandatory step for every business which wants to make an appearance online.

If you were a business owner with no experience in website designing, what would you do?

Look for someone who can design a website for your business. Right?

Website designing or Website Development is not a very tricky skill to learn. If you have very little knowledge about colour combinations and designs, you can easily learn to develop websites and make a living without a job!

Once you have good experience in website designing and your built portfolio is amazing, no one can stop you to earn $100 a day!

Your growth in any industry somehow depends on Networking. Make sure you are playing smart and leaving a good impression on all your clients.

If your client is completely satisfied with the result, they will surely offer you as a reference to everyone looking to upscale their business in the internet world.

4. App Developer

As we have discussed the role of websites, Apps are also playing a similar role but usually only recognized and well-established brands look forward to designing an App.

Surely, you may come across several new businesses who have just stepped into the market and want their personalized App, that doesn’t mean you will reject the project!

As apps take much more time in the process of development and designing, the amount of money you can earn as an App developer will be much more as compared to those who are designing and developing websites.

If you have a good knowledge or interest in computer languages like Java, Python, etc you are really going to love what you will be doing to make money.

According to recent data, the average salary for App developers is $90k/year!

Again, depending on your skills and experience, your salary will vary.

However, being an App developer there is no requirement of any degree or certification.

This may be quite obvious to you as this is listed under the 11 best self-employed jobs without qualifications. There are several paid and free courses available on the internet through which you can learn to develop Apps.

The best way to learn any skills and gain expertise is through Skillshare.

I would advise you to first learn about the industry and how things work and then focus on earning!

If you have no skill and professionalism, no one’s stupid enough to invest their money in you.

5. Content Creator

Are you aware of the social media influencers?

What do they do?

Every time we open social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, don’t we think of these people as stupids who are wasting their time making videos and posing for pictures?

Have you ever wondered where they are getting all this money to purchase fancy stuff like makeup and electronics and travel around the world?

I too had all such questions in my mind before I heard the term “Content Creator”. They are not stupid and obviously, they are not wasting any time creating videos.

They are marketing and promoting brands to earn money online from home!

If you are interested in doing Makeup, you can use your social media account to teach others your makeup hacks and tricks.

Once, you have an interesting amount of followers who are showing great engagement on your posts, brands will reach you for promotion.

All you have to do is, use their product in front of the camera and discuss its features so that your viewers (who already trust and look up to you) purchase them and hence, help the company with growth!

Content creation is not limited to makeup and fashion if you are a travel freak you can also become a content creator and promote brands that are somehow related to travelling like hotels, restaurants, or some company that is providing bikes and cars on lease.

If you have an audience that trusts you and is interested in all the activities you are engaged in, you are just perfect to become a content creator!

Only by promoting brands of your selected niche, you can make money online from home and enjoy.

6. Work For a BPO

BPO means, sharing your business responsibilities with some other third party companies and allowing them to manage some parts of a company like in customer service and customer care department, IT Support and much more depending on the requirement of the parent company and availability of the third party.

There is always a requirement in the customer service and customer care department.

If you are confident with fair communication, nothing can stop you from joining a multinational BPO!

Working for a BPO usually requires visiting the office regularly but in this time of Coronavirus, you can find some jobs offering work from home permanently.

If you join a BPO for a very basic position, there is no demand for graduation or a master’s.

They look for people who are good at communication and can handle their customers with utmost patience and love. Your growth in this industry completely depends on how you are performing plus your behaviour with upper management.

As I said, networking will always help you with growth, no matter what industry you choose!

Working as a customer service agent is one of the most common jobs for high school students.

If you want to look for a job opening, there are several platforms like Indeed, Internshala, Naukri.com also, several businesses are posting job requirements on Linkedin as well.

You can also get in contact with some trustable consultants.

7. Freelance Makeup Artist

Personally, I am too afraid of putting on any makeup product on my skin. However, unlike me, the world is going crazy for makeup and face changing products (that was my sense of humour).

If you have a good knowledge regarding this subject and you are perfectly aware of what products you need to use and when you can become a freelance Makeup artist on Fiverr.

I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but these days, people are preferring freelance makeup artists over traditional salons. The best part of being a freelance makeup artist is, you can do whatever you want to do meanwhile you have no projects booked.

I know several people who are working as freelance makeup artists and also, working in some other fields like a freelance content writer or we can say some are making a side income through affiliate marketing!

If your interest is only in Makeup, apart from freelance projects you can also make a YouTube channel or a social media account through which you can promote yourself as a brand.

No one knows, if you will be launching your own brand anytime in the future!

8. Become a Driver

As the number of companies is increasing, so is the number of people switching locations keeps on raising!

If you were getting a good job offer somewhere far from your home, what would you do?

Accept the offer and shift to the new location, right?

This results in high demand for the services which can pick them up from home and drop them safely at the selected location. In short, purchasing a vehicle is not in everyone’s budget hence, drivers are in huge demand!

You can initially join any company like Uber and Ola which will not demand any form of qualification from you but only a driving license!

I know this may not sound that interesting but trust me if I am mentioning this as an option under, 11 best self-employed jobs with no qualification, there is a huge possibility that you can grow in this industry and offer your own cab services without being tied to any company!

Nothing is tough these days, your hard work and dedication will be the only deciding factor for what your future will look like.

Trust Yourself, you are the next billionaire!

9. Caretaker

Parents these days are working hard to earn money (which is not a bad decision) but due to this, they are unable to take care of their pets and kids.

In such cases, they look for some trustworthy people who can take care of their loved ones when they are busy with some other important schedules.

This is a great way to make money online as a college student from home without interfering with your studies.

Matter of fact, the caretaker is definitely not an option that you can go for a lifetime but if you are looking for a side income option that does not interrupt your daily routine, this is the best!

You can register yourself with some websites like Care24, look for Caretaker jobs on platforms like Indeed, or simply ask you know to refer you!

10. Fitness Coach

Another most common and successful way to get rich from nothing is becoming a fitness coach.

If you have a good amount of experience working out and know exactly which gym equipment to use and when you can become a fitness coach or start a fitness business.

In the end, everyone wants a good coach who can help them achieve whatever goals they are looking to achieve and not some certificate holding coach who knows only the basics.

Everyone who is looking for flexible work-from-home jobs for moms and has a piece of good knowledge about fitness, they can either choose to become a personal fitness trainer or design a fitness program through which you can make money each time a candidate gets enrolled in your program!

You can also start your own fitness blog and earn through ads and promoting fitness brands!

➽ You can start your fitness blog with Bluehost for $2.95 per month (63% off).

11. Freelance Photographer

The most crucial thing these days is, capturing all the good moments. I am not against this concept but I am usually the one who is busy with the camera and phone while others are busy making good memories.

I hope you can understand!

Well, putting my sadness away. Photographers are in huge demand as everyone not only wants to capture their memories but also wants their social media family to have a look and appreciate it!

Be it wedding proposals, marriage, pregnancy, or birthdays, photographers are always in demand.

Photography is an activity that I always look forward to and hence couldn’t resist myself including it in my 11 best self-employed jobs with no qualification in 2022.

In order to become a successful Photographer, you don’t need any certification or qualification. Like the above 9 options, Photography also requires excellent skills and a willingness to experiment with camera angles and camera equipment!

Try Fiverr to get photography clients and start your journey as a freelance photographer.


According to traditional aspects, you can only become a millionaire if you have a qualified degree from an established institute!

I stand bluntly against this mindset and in order to prove this, I came up with the 11 best self-employed jobs with no qualification in 2022.

Reading these options for making money does not require any sort of certificates or degrees, all you need is a certain set of skills and dedication.

You may have a degree in mechanism but are interested in Makeup or Marketing, I am here to make you understand that you can still shine bright in the industry in which you are interested without being worried about your educational certificates.

I hope I have expressed my views correctly without confusing you.

Can’t wait to see you guys having fun while increasing your turnover each year!

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