How To Block Adult Content On Google?

Block Adult Content on Google
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With the emerging social media platforms, many adult websites have gained immense popularity in the internet world. Ultimately, this resulted in the employment of many people who found a source of earning, and on the other hand, many found entertainment. But adult social media platforms don’t always mean good for human habitat. Many social media websites are useful as well as harmful. 

The good side of social media websites is that it has many amazing features and advantages that make human life easy. Along with the benefits of these platforms, there are tons of disadvantages. That might have a serious effect on your life. There are many advantages to stopping consuming such bad habits in your day-to-day life.

And one of the safest methods to stop watching adult content or pornography is pulling the plug. In this blog post, we are going to learn how we can avoid such risks by blocking adult content on Google. Stick with me till the end of the blog!

Let’s begin!

Why Should Block Adult Content on Google? 

The internet has both beneficial content and harmful content. Many people prefer to restrict adult websites on Google on their mobile phones. Adult content-related Pornography is unhealthy for children, teens, or even adults!

Such adult content is easily accessible on social media platforms. As a parent, this is extremely worrying even for those who are born addicted. There are many reasons why you should avoid adult content on Google.

When it comes as a parent to your child, here your big responsibility is to block Adult Content on Google because knowingly and unknowingly children might reach to such adult websites such as pornography easily.

So the main reason that you should block adult content on Google is to keep your children safe and out of reach from social media risks. However, blocking adult content on Google might change your mentality and give you a healthy lifestyle. 

How to Block Adult Content on Google? 

The best way to stop an addicted person or avoid children from reaching such adult content or pornography is by blocking them. Here is all that you need – a guide and steps to block adult content on Google, chrome, and even on your Android phone. So keep scrolling to help with the situation! 

Are you wondering how to block adult content on Google? Scroll down to get your answer!

1. Enable Google SafeSearch

Enabling Google SafeSearch refers to the setting in your device to activate the option in Google Safe Search to show you filtered results of your adult content research. By enabling Google Safe Search, google shows you blur results of adult content material such as images, gifs, graphic photos, and videos.

This option of enabling Google safe search mode is the best way to block access preventing any kind of potential risk. This acts as a wall between you and dangerous adult content materials. However, every browser on mobile phones has a feature to enable or disable a particular setting! 

Here are some steps involved in enabling Google Safe search mode that you should follow to avoid any potential issues.

  • Step 1. Settings 

Open a web browser on your mobile phone and directly go to Google Search. Once you open Google Search, you will see the settings option after scrolling down on that page. 

  • Step 2. Selecting

After selecting the setting option, here the next step involves tapping on the General option. 

  • Step 3. Enabling 

After navigating and tapping on the General option, the browser will take you to the next screen, where you have to click on the save option to save the Google Search Changes. 

Now that we have discussed how to block adult content on Google with enabling Google SafeSearch. Let’s go for the next method and understand how to block adult content on Google with other methods. 

2. Switching Enhance Protection 

In today’s digital era, social media platforms are rapidly growing. Some platforms tend to create a huge mess of not being restricted from you. Some people find a source of income who are comfortable by exposing themselves. While some may still choose to block adult content on Google on their mobile phone. 

To restrict such adult content material or pornography from your Google account you need to follow some tips which you will find in this blog post! 

Everyone has the potential knowledge of using Google Chrome. Similarly, Google Chrome has the option to enhance Google Chrome protection mode which will block adult content on Google, sensitive photos, inappropriate images, pages, files, and even Google ads.

By activating Google Chrome Protection mode, you can even block access to adult websites.  Following are the steps that will guide you on how to turn on enhanced protection on Google Chrome. 

  • Step 1.  

Firstly you have to open the Google Chrome application on your mobile phone then you will see the three dots located on the right side of your Chrome page, tap those three dots and go to settings.

  • Step 2. 

After going into settings, Google Chrome will bring you to the settings page, you have to select the option of privacy and security further you just have to choose Safe Browsing.

  • Step 3. 

Lastly, after selecting the Safe Browsing option, you have to turn on Enhanced Protection mode by tapping on it.

Another method to prevent access and block adult content on Google is by using Chrome Extensions. Scroll down to understand how to block adult content on Google Chrome! 

3. Using Chrome Extensions 

This is the other best way to stop accessing and blocking adult content material or pornography on Google. Do you know that due to the superabundance of Chrome Extension, you can now easily succeed in blocking adult websites? These Chrome extensions are free of cost and can be installed on your device.

This Chrome extension has personalized features that are specially designed to block adult content on Google as well as to block pornography or social media websites that have inappropriate content. Similarly, one of the Chrome extensions is BlockSites. 

BlockSites gives you the access to block any sites that include pornography, sensual images, BDSM, etc. Thus, this results in helping to avoid such distractions that affect human development. BlockSites also blocks adult content on Google and helps you adapt to great experiences. 

Just by some instructions, you can have access to block adult content on Google with BlockSites. Go to Google, and search for BlockSites Extension in the Chrome web store. Further, tap on the – Add to Chrome button, then install it. 

4. Parental Control App

The best way to stop spending time on any adult content material or websites is to make use of the Parental Control App. In the emerging world of social media platforms, many websites have gained significant popularity. And most of the users who spend time on social media platforms are teenagers and adults or even those children who are not aware of the bad side of social media. 

In such a case, you can install a Parental Control App on your device and your family member’s device and successfully block adult content on Google to prevent access for your and your family member’s safety.

With the help of such amazing apps, you can block those websites that include adult content or pornography that you do not wish to see and are no longer needed for your satisfaction. Remember that with tons of social media apps, it is still challenging to find out the most perfect Parental Control App. 

Don’t know which app is suitable for you? Don’t worry just by scrolling a little bit you can get the best parental control app! 

And the best app that will be a great choice for you is AirDroid Parental Control.

AirDroid Parental Control

This parental control app has developed features that will help you eliminate and block adult content on Google as well from your device.

As said, the AirDroid Parental App has a massive bundle of features that is well developed in comparison to any other Parental Control Apps that can control kids’ devices from anywhere. With the help of this parental control app, you can screen monitor, block unwanted websites or applications, apply time limitations, remove vulgar words from search engines and you can even keep an update on your kid’s device function and activities.  

AirDroid Parental App allows you to track and log into your kid’s device wherever they are, even if they are not physically available around you! With the amazing features of the AirDroid Parental App, you can have access to updates on your kid’s device activities. 

To eliminate and block adult websites on your kid’s device permanently just follow the steps that are involved: 

  • Step 1.

Firstly you have to install the AirDroid Parental App from Google Play Store on your device to get access. 

  • Step 2. 

After downloading the AirDroid Parental App on your device, open it and there you have to create your own AirDroid account. You have to fill up the signup form and tap the sign-up button. 

  • Step 3. 

After downloading the AirDroid Parental App on your device, you have the same on your kid’s or family member’s device too and then you have to enter the binding code after which you will get access to your loved ones’ device. In addition, you have to make the essential settings. 

Now that we have discussed the best 3 methods of how to block adult content on Google Chrome. Let’s understand the advantages of doing such activities! 

Advantages of Blocking Adult Content on Google

There are several benefits of blocking adult content on Google. Let’s discuss them one by one! Following are the advantages that lead you to block adult content on Google: 

1. Prevention

Social media platforms have widely spread across the world. Due to this, it has dozens of websites including adult websites. These adult websites might be entertaining for some people.

But many of them try to be far from social media platforms that might contain crucial risks. To block adult content on Google is the best way to prevent human habitats from consuming unhealthy lifestyles. Parents too agree to prevent their kid’s device settings from reaching adult websites. 

2. Limitations

Putting limitations on adult websites may help you to adapt to a healthy life. Limiting adult content material or pornography may decrease the use of the internet, especially for those people who are addicted.

3. Secure Relationship

Sometimes, adult content material or pornography may affect your relationship status. Instead, having an open discussion regarding intimacy with your partner might improve your relationship rather than watching porn! 

4. Protecting Children’s Life

Blocking adult content material or websites is the best way to protect children’s future and even teens. It is the best way to protect your children from inappropriate Google pages. 


Social media is growing rapidly across the world, resulting in the development of adult content materials. Due to the growth in adult websites, this is leading to addiction for many people, especially for teens and adults population.

Moreover, blocking such adult websites is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which will lead to development and increase the productivity of individuals which is very important for today’s youth.

Else it is up to you whether or not to block adult content on Google. But if you want to get out of this inappropriate trap then you might go for block adult content on Google. 

Similarly, children get addicted to such adult-related content material and websites. You cannot predict when your children can explore and get to such an inappropriate website google.

So it is far better to block adult content on Google. However, this blog post was all about guiding you to successfully block adult content on Google and devices. Hope this article finds you helpful! 

Thank you!

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