How to Find and Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos - Solved
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Are you frustrated when you can’t find videos deleted from YouTube that you’ve been eagerly waiting to watch?

Does the disappearance of a video from your playlist or queue leave you perplexed?

Don’t worry! I’ve found some tried and true ways to watch deleted videos from YouTube.

Now, all I can say is that it is not impossible to watch deleted YouTube videos.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 methods that are useful to find deleted YouTube videos.

Can You Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

You may still see deleted YouTube videos, though! Although there is no official way to watch deleted YouTube videos, there are a few ways to do it.

Let’s first examine the technicalities of how it is achievable before continuing. We all know that once anything is online, it will remain there forever. Nothing ever fully disappears.

On the Internet, there are several versions of the same material. Some of these are typical instances of outright plagiarism, while a few others deal with Internet archiving.

Thousands of BOT crawlers support the latter, whose main function is to index and archive the whole Internet for various purposes.

Let’s dive right in and explore these techniques!

How to Find and Watch Deleted YouTube Videos? 5 Methods

Even though it can be disappointing to find out that your favorite video has been taken from YouTube, there are ways to find banned videos on YouTube and even watch them again.

Here are some tips to help you find and watch deleted YouTube videos:

1. Use a VPN Service

Using a Virtual Private Network is one of the most effective ways to find and watch videos deleted from YouTube. 

A VPN is an invaluable resource for protecting personal information while browsing the web, accessing restricted sites, and more.

It allows you to access content that may have been removed or restricted due to geographic limitations by masking your IP address and location.

Here’s how to use a VPN to find and watch deleted YouTube videos:

  • Choose a reliable VPN service

Research and select a reputable VPN provider that meets your needs. I would like to suggest you try NordVPN which is now 3 months Free and is also trending as one of the best VPNs to unblock YouTube at school.


NordVPN: Your gateway to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos.

NordVPN emerges as the top choice for accessing deleted YouTube videos, providing a secure and private viewing experience. It effortlessly bypasses geo-restrictions, unlocking hidden content, and maintaining your online anonymity.

  • Install the VPN software on your device

Download and install the VPN software on your device. Open the software and sign in using your account credentials.

  • Connect to a server

Select a server location where the deleted video might still be available. Connect to the server using the VPN software.

  • Search for the Deleted YouTube Videos

Open YouTube in your web browser or app. Search for the deleted video using relevant keywords or the video’s URL if you have it.

By following these steps, you can use a VPN to change your virtual location and potentially watch deleted YouTube videos.

2. Utilize Web Archives to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

Wayback machine

Web archives like the Wayback Machine or store snapshots of websites, including YouTube, at various points in time.

These tools allow you to travel back in time and access content that is no longer available.

To find deleted videos from YouTube using web archives, follow these steps:

  • Visit and enter the YouTube video URL or keywords in the search bar.
  • Choose a snapshot from a date when the video was still available.
  • If the video was archived, you can watch it directly from the web archive.

3. Use a Browser Extension

Again, one of the best ways to find and watch deleted YouTube videos is to use a browser extension like Hola.

You can use browser extensions instead of a VPN or proxy if you choose. Extensions for web browsers are like add-on programs; they change the way websites act while you’re browsing.

  • Ease of use: Browser extensions are simple to install and use, requiring minimal technical knowledge.
  • Safety: They are often safer than visiting sketchy websites or using third-party software.
  • Versatility: Extensions work across multiple platforms, making it easy to access deleted videos on different devices.
  • Time-saving: Browser extensions quickly retrieve removed content, sparing users from spending hours searching for alternatives.
  • Regular updates: Developers consistently update extensions, ensuring compatibility with the latest browser versions and addressing any potential issues.

4. Watch Deleted YouTube Videos via Google Search Operators

Are you trying to find a deleted YouTube video? Google, with its extensive indexing, can help you locate it on other websites. Follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain the deleted video’s URL, e.g.,
  • Extract the video ID from the URL, which in this case is v=5NVT1VkBDWE.
  • Launch Google and search using the video ID (v=5NVT1VkBDWE).

The search results will display related keywords and may lead you to websites where the video has been re-uploaded.

With some luck, you’ll be able to watch the deleted video through this method.

how to find deleted videos on YouTube

5. Restart Your Browser, YouTube, and Router

Occasionally, the issue of deleted YouTube videos may not be as complex as it seems. It could be a result of temporary glitches, connectivity problems, or outdated apps. In such cases, restarting your browser, YouTube app, and router might be the best solution.

Here are the key points to follow:

  • Refresh your browser: Close and reopen your browser to make sure that it’s not a temporary issue causing the video to appear unavailable.
  • Update your YouTube app: Check if you’re using the latest version of the YouTube app, and update it if needed. This can help resolve any compatibility issues or bugs affecting video availability.
  • Restart your router: Unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in to reboot it. This can help refresh your connection and resolve any network-related issues.
  • Clear cache and cookies: Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can help fix any issues caused by corrupted or outdated data.
  • Disable browser extensions: Some browser extensions may interfere with video playback. Temporarily disabling them may help you find deleted videos from YouTube.

Why aren’t YouTube Videos Accessible?

There are various reasons why videos on YouTube may be erased, rendering them unwatchable. The following are some of the most common causes:

  • Infringement of copyright

If a video contains copyrighted content without the required authority, YouTube may delete it owing to legal restrictions.

  • Violation of community norms

All YouTube users are required to follow a set of community guidelines. Videos that breach these criteria, such as those with sexual material or those that promote hate speech, are frequently banned.

  • User deletion

A video uploader may opt to delete their video if they no longer want it to be public or for other personal reasons.

Why Use NordVPN to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

As per NordVPN reviews, It is one of the best alternatives to OpenVPN to help you bypass geo-restrictions by changing your IP address to that of a different country.

If a video is unavailable in your region but still exists on YouTube or other platforms, NordVPN could potentially help you watch it.

Additionally, using a VPN might enable you to access cached versions of deleted videos or third-party websites that have archived the content.

While NordVPN might provide a way to access such content, it is essential to remember that accessing deleted videos may infringe on copyright laws and YouTube’s terms of service.

Always ensure that you are abiding by the legal and ethical guidelines in your region when using a VPN for such purposes.

And it holds its position strongly in the strongest competition on the internet, NordVPN VS ExpressVPN

Tips and Warnings While Trying to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

1. Always Check for Copyright Infringements:

One of the important things to note when trying to watch deleted YouTube videos is whether they were taken down due to copyright infringements. If so, trying to view them may infringe upon the rights of the content creator or copyright holder. Always respect copyright laws and restrictions.

2. Be Careful About Websites Promising Access:

Several third-party websites might promise to offer access to watch deleted YouTube videos. However, you need to ensure that these websites are trustworthy and legal. Never download any suspicious software or plug-ins to view such videos.

3. Verify Video Quality:

It’s also possible that deleted videos recovered from external sites may have low resolution or poor audio quality. Always check for the video quality before viewing.

4. Stay Alert for Malware or Virus Attacks:

The chances of downloading a virus or malware increase while using third-party websites to watch deleted YouTube videos. Always keep your antivirus software updated and run a scan on any files before downloading.

5. Mind Privacy Issues:

Always respect the privacy of others while attempting to watch deleted YouTube videos. There could be good reasons why the original uploader or YouTube itself decided to take down certain videos. 

6. Don’t Pay for Content:

Be aware of websites or platforms asking for money in return to watch deleted YouTube videos. Such platforms might be running scams. YouTube itself is a free platform, and no deleted content should come with a fee.

7. Cross-Verify Source:

It’s essential to verify that the video you’re trying to access was genuinely uploaded to YouTube and later deleted. Sometimes, videos are fake or duplicated and aren’t what they seem.

8. Respect Terms and Conditions:

Trying to access and watch deleted YouTube videos should be within the bounds of YouTube’s terms and conditions. It’s advisable to review YouTube’s policies and community guidelines before using a workaround to access deleted content.

Sometimes many of us mistakenly delete our videos from YouTube and regret it later. Sometimes due to a little mistake of copyright, it gets deleted by YouTube itself. In both cases, the loss is ours. So, instead of going through the hassle of finding deleted YouTube videos, let’s see what we can do before to avoid such problems.

Backup Strategies to Prevent Loss of Favorite YouTube Videos

Keeping your favorite YouTube videos safe requires effective backup strategies. Video deletion or removal on YouTube happens often due to copyright infringement, violations of YouTube’s terms of service, or simply the creator choosing to remove it. Here’s how you can backup and ensure you do not lose access to your beloved videos:

1. Use Download Option:

YouTube offers the ability to download videos on certain devices. Simply go to the video, click the ‘Download’ button below it, and select the resolution you prefer. You can then access the video offline whenever you want. However, it’s important to respect the copyrights and avoid sharing the video without the owner’s permission.

2. Video Download Software:

Numerous video download tools and software exist online, like 4K Video Downloader or VideoProc. Such software allows users to download and save videos directly from YouTube and other video sites. Make sure you select reliable software that’s virus-free and has positive reviews.

3. Cloud-Based Backup:

Save your downloaded videos on a cloud storage system like Google Drive or Dropbox. This provides a safeguard against accidental deletion or device loss, ensuring you have a secure backup at all times.

4. Browser Extensions:

Several browsers offer extensions that allow users to download YouTube videos directly. After downloading the extension, a download button is added to the video page for easy downloading. Some examples of these extensions include Video Downloader Professional for Chrome or Easy YouTube Video Downloader for Firefox.

5. Local Storage Backup:

You can create a physical backup of your downloaded videos by storing them on external storage devices such as USBs, SD cards, or external hard drives.

6. Screen Recording:

As a last resort, if a video doesn’t have a download option, screen recording can be used. Various applications such as OBS Studio or ScreenFlow for Mac can capture video and audio playing on your screen.

Remember, any content that you download should be for personal use only. Unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content can result in penalties or legal consequences. By backing up your favorite videos, you are insulating yourself from future disappointment due to the video being deleted or removed from YouTube.


Retrieving deleted YouTube videos can be challenging, but it’s not an insurmountable task.

If the video wasn’t archived in the Wayback Machine or stored on another platform, accessing it may be difficult, even if you have the link.

Luckily, if the deleted video was previously saved on your device, you can utilize data recovery software to scan and recover the video.

Additionally, using a VPN to change your location might help you see deleted YouTube videos that are still accessible in other regions.

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