How to Make $1000 Per Month With Bluehost Affiliate Program in 2022?

make money with the Bluehost affiliate program
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Quick Summary

How much money would you like to make in 2022?

How about $1,000 per month?

That is the amount I am currently making with the Bluehost affiliate program, and I can help you get there too!

In this post, I will walk you through exactly how I did it so that you can reap the same rewards!

But the main question here is:- 

How much money can you make with the Bluehost affiliate program?

It is hard to say exactly, so it is important to do your homework before jumping in with both feet!

The information I am sharing here comes from my own experience with Bluehost and affiliate marketing, which makes me uniquely qualified to share my insight about the Bluehost affiliate program and how you can be successful with it too.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to learn how to make $1000 per month with Bluehost in 2022!

To make money with Bluehost affiliate, you need to follow some guidelines and monetize in simple ways. Affiliate programs are also the easiest ways to make money with some visitors.

I can safely believe that you have joined the online world to earn big money.

Is not that so? 

If I am not wrong, stay with me, as here, let me show you how to make money with Bluehost affiliate.

You may earn $100, $1000, or $10,000, depending on how you work? 

But who can make money from the Bluehost affiliate program?

The exact question that shoots up in your mind for a long time. The right time to understand the game to make money with Bluehost affiliate is now. 

You will find everything you need to know about the Bluehost affiliate program in this guide, which will help you make money in the coming year.

It took me less than an hour to set up my blog and get my site speed up to 100 percent, even after selecting their most basic shared hosting plan and a WordPress theme.

Now, I am being honest with you, and all I want is for you to pay attention so that you can understand whether you can make money with Bluehost affiliate program.

Can You Make Money with Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can! 

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting affiliate programs, and many top bloggers are trying to create a micro-niche site around Bluehost discounts or Bluehost coupons.

Good links with quality articles are supposed to be the best income-generating sources. Eventually, bring good traffic to the website but before I go over the details of this Bluehost affiliate program, let’s introduce – what is Affiliate Marketing?

This is for the benefit of those novice bloggers and webmasters who are new to affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing method in which the website owner promotes third-party products on their blog. When website owner makes a sale, they earn commissions from their sales. 

That is how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to create an online business. Any program that is easy to connect to and is good to sell, would be well involved. 

Affiliate marketing is one of those areas where it pays to spend a little money. It is called paid advertising, and on sites like Google AdWords, you can spend as much (or as little) as you want.

Set up an account and start driving traffic. You do not need SEO experience or special technical skills for your website—just high-quality content and visitors who trust your opinion. 

For example, You choose the Bluehost and promote it on your website through links or banners. Once a visitor comes to your site, clicks on the affiliate link, and purchases the Bluehost web hosting service, you will get a commission on that sale. 

It is called affiliate marketing. So, you see that affiliate marketing is rewarding. Whenever there is a sale through your affiliate link, you get a handsome commission for promoting third-party products on your website. It is trouble-free.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a budget friendly web hosting provider company founded in 2003 and owned by Endurance international group.

The Bluehost, based in Orem, Utah, provides advanced tools to millions of users worldwide so that novice or supporters can meet and thrive with their domain service and hosting packages.

The fact about Bluehost is; that it is the official hosting partner of since 2005, and WordPress always recommends Bluehost as a web hosting to start a successful blog and make money.

They offer several different types of hosting, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, Wycomod hosting, and many other types of Web Hosting and Domain Services.

Bluehost is reliable to provide the best web hosting service such as;

  • Free Domain Name for First Year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Web hosting plan for as low as $2.95 per month

Why Choose Bluehost as an Affiliate Program?

If many companies manage affiliate programs, why choose a Bluehost affiliate program?

This question must have been wandering in your mind since the beginning of this article.

It is needless to say that Bluehost is the most popular and reliable web hosting company in the world. In fact, with thousands of happy customers, he has set the bar really high for his rivals. Bluehost offers a variety of hosting services at affordable prices.

One of the main reasons behind Bluehost’s popularity among novice and intermediate web designers or bloggers is its various hosting services at affordable prices. 

Bluehost paid more than $ 11 million to its partners last year. You can expect today’s value. Apart from this, hundreds of blogs go live each day, and most of them are using WordPress.

Bluehost is a WordPress officer who is also a trending hosting provider.

This is one of the reasons that you can target that hosting. Regarding this hosting provider, people are not only crazy because of its hosting, but also feed your income with your affiliate program.

How to Set Up a Bluehost Login and Account?

The first and foremost requirement to promote any business or product is a website or a blog. These provide you with space where a customer will land.

To get this space, you need to register your domain name and purchase the best web hosting plan.

Here, I will tell you all the steps to set up a website for affiliate marketing through a Bluehost affiliate program.


Go to and select Shared Hosting.

bluehost website - make money with bluehost affiliate


Select any suitable hosting plan based on your budget and requirements, and click Select.

bluehost web hosting plans


Go to “New Domain” or if you already have one go to “Use a domain you own” and click Next.


After selecting a hosting package and creating a domain name, fill in the required Account Information.


Review your hosting package details.


Once you go through all the details and information, the last step is Payment Information. Fill in all the asked information about your payment method and you are all set to go!


Select Terms and Conditions and click Submit.

Done! All the steps to our website through the Bluehost affiliate program are now completed.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Reviews: Pros and Cons

This program is similar to any other web hosting affiliate program. One can promote web hosting plans and earn a good commission on a successful transaction.

The commission is one-time only, which means that in the case of a new customer hosting, you will not be able to earn a recurring commission. 

If you are looking for popular hosting companies, then there is no doubt that the Bluehost listing will be at the top.

There are many Bluehost alternatives like Cloudways, Hostgator, A2 Hosting but the primary advantage of working with Bluehost is that they are still No.1 WordPress recommended hosting.

Taking advantage of a Bluehost affiliate program is quite simple as signing up the program, placing a banner or text link on your site, and getting paid for any referral sales you generate.

There is no doubt that Bluehost is a very popular and reliable platform that paid more than $ 11 million in its commissions last year.

Generally, all products have pros and cons, which is also quite unpleasant with the affiliate program.

We will look at some of them for the benefit of our readers who want to make money with the Bluehost affiliate program.

Bluehost Review: Affiliate Program Pros

1. Superior Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs in the market today. There is an excellent Bluehost affiliate payout structure where you can make large amounts of money. You can easily get high-quality support services and regular coaching from the affiliates.

In simple words, there are endless opportunities to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Program. To understand it better we can take the example of Pat Flynn, Founder of Smart Passive Income who shared his monthly income report in which he earned $ 27,650 from the Bluehost affiliate program commission.

2. Better Conversion Rate

It will take time, patience, and effort with a dedication to generate revenue from any affiliate program. With the Bluehost affiliate program, there is a good expectation that there is a reliable conversion rate, low cost for new customers, and good name recognition.

3. Affiliate Support Team

In the case of an approved affiliate sale, you will have a dedicated support team ready to assist with any issues. I found that they respond to emails quickly and provide 24/7 support to help you. It’s like a win-win situation for affiliate marketers and their customers.

4. Discounts and Promotions

Promoting their products with the help of you, Bluehost regularly offers some special discounts and offers via email.

Create high-quality content around seasonal shopping trends, such as Black Friday, holidays, or the beginning of the year when all entrepreneurs have a new website in mind.

Bluehost Review: Affiliate Program Cons

1. Withdrawal Limit

To withdraw your payment, you have to make two sales or reach a minimum limit of $ 100. You cannot withdraw your Bluehost affiliate earnings according to your wish. In Simple words, this is not possible.

Yeah! It is uncomfortable but does not worry! You will get your payment within 45 to 60 days after the end of the month in which you made your two sales.

2. Quite Complicated Which is Inexperienced with SEO

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must know all the tactics and strategies of search engine optimization. SEO is a new push to rank your blog for people searching specific keywords or phrases in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. 

Before enrolling in the Bluehost affiliate program, learn the basics of SEO; on-page, and off-page SEO.

Once you have the appropriate knowledge of SEO, Join Bluehost Affiliate Program and apply those strategies to your blog content, pages, and another area of the site. You will get the number of visitors to your blog and convert them into Bluehost customers.

You can hire SEO freelancer on Fiverr and they can work for you to increase traffic to your website and generate more leads.

3. Bluehost Affiliate Minimum Payout & Commission Structure

The Bluehost affiliate pays $ 65 for their first sale and $ 100 after ten successful sales.

$65 is more than enough for every single sign-up.

But why do they pay so much to affiliates?

People will do their shopping by paying $ 95 for the original plan at checkout. So, $65 will be yours, and the remaining $ 25 to $ 30 will be in the pocket of Bluehost.

But here is the strategy.

People follow the year, and for the next year, they have to pay $ 200 under renewable prices.

You will get a one-time commission and Bluehost will earn money forever.

Isn’t it great?

Yes, it will also help them to expand their market to large audience within no time. So, if everyone is promoting Bluehost, then they don’t have to spend millions of money on advertisement.

But, Overall Bluehost affiliate program is really an updated affiliate marketing platform to make $100 a day guaranteed online and make a living without a job.

How to be Bluehost an Affiliate or Join the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

If you want to make money with a Bluehost affiliate program, then you must know to join Bluehost as an affiliate. Before you join the Bluehost affiliate program, you must understand the business model of Bluehost.

Sounds Good!

You can’t promote anything if you have zero knowledge about them. That’s why I use the Bluehost service only because I have deep knowledge about it.

Yes, I use Bluehost daily, and I’ve never had any issues with Bluehost.

I highly recommend Bluehost to all my readers, subscribers, and friends as I am very confident.

Okay, let’s move to the SIGN-UP Process.

To become a Bluehost affiliate, I suggest that you should start a blog. And there is no better way than creating a Bluehost website. They own the market, and it is a win-win situation for new bloggers.

The main advantage of the Bluehost affiliate is its unique commission structure. When the top web hosting provider like Hostgator pays you $50 per sale, the Bluehost affiliate commission rate is $65.

Not only this, if you can write a helpful guide about Installing WordPress on the Bluehost hosting plan, you will also get a chance to get $75 per successful sale.

Here is the step-by-step guide to joining the Bluehost affiliate program;


Visit the Bluehost affiliate program and Click on SIGN-UP to Create a Bluehost Affiliate Account.

bluehost affiliate program


After this, Enter Your Information and fill out the Affiliate Signup Form: Account Username, Password, Email Address, and PayPal Email Address. Click on the SIGNUP button to move on to the Next Step.

bluehost affiliate program signup


You will now be taken to your newly created Bluehost Affiliate dashboard. You will be motivated to provide your tax information. Without completing this tax form, you will not be able to receive any payment from Bluehost.

To provide your tax information, click “Settings”> “Tax form”. If you are an American person or organization, you will need to fill out Form W-9. The U.S. Apart from those associated with any other countries, you have to complete Form W-8BEN.

After submitting the tax information, your application then goes for approval. Once your application is approved, Bluehost will notify you via email.

How to Promote Bluehost Affiliate Program & Make Money? Finally!

Do you still want to make money with the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Are you even aware of the amount you can earn in a single day through Bluehost?

People are earning thousands of dollars only through their commission from Bluehost.

First of all congratulations!

You have been approved to become a Bluehost affiliate and can use your Bluehost credential to access the affiliate dashboard.

Now it’s your turn to make money by promoting the Bluehost affiliate links online. I hope you are very willing to earn money through Bluehost.


There are many ways to promote Bluehost affiliate links and generate good earnings.

Some of them are given below;

1. Write High-Quality Bluehost Reviews

One of the best and most relevant ways to bring customers to your website or blog is by providing them with high-quality content that they are hunting for.

As you are here to know how to promote the Bluehost affiliate to make sales, you need to write content related to it.

The best option is to write about Bluehost Reviews.

Many people are aware of Bluehost but they are not sure to purchase Bluehost web hosting.

Do you know WHY?

The only reason is they are hesitant about whether it is the right hosting for them.

People who are looking for Bluehost reviews are ready to purchase web hosting and so Bluehost reviews have high conversion rates.

Note: If you already have Bluehost reviews, you can increase the number of visitors to your blog who are looking for Bluehost reviews elsewhere.

Now, It’s time to write about Bluehost Reviews!

Writing content about Bluehost reviews will inform your audience about Bluehost hosting plans and product reviews, this will benefit you in two ways.

First, you will know more about Bluehost through which you can come up with new ideas to sell, and second, if your content is informative and manipulating enough, your audience will buy the product from you.

When you find it suitable, you can also link your Bluehost reviews through your post.

2. Write a Blog Post about Starting a WordPress Blog with Bluehost

Do you know almost all the leading CMS (Content Management System) websites are made and optimized in WordPress?

As WordPress offers easy and convenient customization, it has become a choice of many developers and designers worldwide.

A WordPress website with Bluehost hosting is the best choice for every product and business.

Writing on a topic that thousands of people are searching for will not only rank you higher but will also increase your sales.

If your content is unique and informative, I recommend you demonstrate your writing creativity on the topic “How to Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost?”.

No one can stop you from earning handsome commissions through Bluehost.

3. Build a Friendship with Social Media

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in brand building. It is relatively easy to reach a wider range of people in a short period of time.

Standing away from the crowd and being unique and creative is all you need!

You can easily promote your product through social media campaigns, keep in mind that you don’t spam!

4. Maintain Bluehost on a Resource Page


Since you have decided to include Bluehost on the resource page, do you know its benefits?

Resource pages are more popular to be with both website visitors and bloggers.

People are more interested in getting to know those things closely.

What tools does a particular blogger use?

and what do they recommend? 

A resource page helps people decide, Which tools they are looking to purchase? Which tools do they need to use? and which tools they do not have?

Yeah! Most people visit the resource page because they look for tips and tricks to get a new idea. 

It is now clear that inserting your affiliate link on the resource page is the perfect way to generate more sales. 

Note:- There is no doubt that if you have an audience that believes and follows you, the resource page can earn you a good affiliate commission. 

You do not need to convince your audience to purchase or buy something. Of course, it goes without saying because they trust and follow you. Only you need to promote relevant and high-quality products. 

Bluehost is one of the top 20 web hosts, hosting more than 2 million domains. Therefore, you can easily include it on the resource page without worrying about promoting it to get a mighty commission.

5. Compare Bluehost with Other Hosting Providers

Do you know that people do a lot of research on the Internet before buying something online? Do you agree? 

If yes, let me go into depth. 

It is not a mystery that your business will fail without a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Marketing will get your product in front of people, and it can grow your business.

Marketing is always important whether you are a sole proprietor or working for an established firm.

There are many different ways you can market yourself, from traditional advertising mediums like print and television to newer forms of marketing such as social media and video marketing.

You must make sure that whatever you choose fits with your brand image so that you attract customers who fit with your company values and with whom it will be easy for them to want to do business again. 

Large hosting companies have a strong marketing campaign that helps increase their revenue.

Therefore, most people know that some excellent hosting providers can replace Bluehost.

You can write a detailed comparison and provide it to your audience because creating posts by comparing Bluehost with other web hosting makes a lot of sense.

It can also help you introduce new web hosting to your audience.

Here are a few examples you can consider for comparison posts;

  • Bluehost vs Siteground
  • Hostgator vs Bluehost
  • WPX hosting vs Bluehost
  • Cloudways vs Bluehost

6. Bluehost Banner

I am unlikely to promote the banner and do not want to share it here, but if we associate it with the more popular Bluehost banners– They are worth mentioning.

Bluehost mostly offers banners of all standard sizes that you can choose according to the design of your site. Sounds good!

You know most of the Bluehost affiliates place the banner into their sidebars So that they are visible to the people on every page of the blog.

To be honest, this is not worth it. WHY?

Because simply placing the banner in the sidebar may not increase the number of conversion rates, you need to provide visitors with some meaningful special discounts.

bluehost affiliate program - special discount banner

You need to provide some information and deal with your readers with some value. You can have a Bluehost banner in your sidebars, but what if you link your Bluehost reviews and from reviews link to the Bluehost official page.

I can guarantee that you will have both more clicks and more sales this way.


7. Create Posts Related to Best Deals and Special Discounts

If you want to buy something online whether it is web hosting or software, you will just go with some special deals and discounts. Because not only you but most people love amazing deals and discounts.

Am I Right?

Okay! If you are offering some special discounts related to any affiliate program you want to promote, you will increase your chance of getting more sales. 

The same thing works with the Bluehost- you can create deals and discount posts around the following keywords;

  • Bluehost Discount
  • Bluehost Coupons
  • Bluehost Offer
  • Bluehost Black Friday Deals

8. Promote Bluehost as a Web Developer

Are you a freelancer or working for someone else for website design and development? You have a good chance to make your affiliate sale.

Want to know HOW?

Okay! Let me explain.

Suppose you have found a client who needs a website. If the client requires a website, it requires both domain and hosting.


So you here as a website developer can easily make money with Bluehost affiliate program. You can recommend Bluehost to your customer and include your affiliate link.

The customer does not need to buy. You can purchase hosting and domains yourself for your customer. 

Only you need the appropriate billing details and information. 

That is it.

9. Email Marketing

The best way to grow your business is through a strong email list. By building trust and personal relationships with your audience, you will be able to sell more of what you do without even having to try.

In fact, there is absolutely no quicker or easier way for an entrepreneur to make money than by building an email list, providing value, and then offering a product or service that solves their problems.

While building an email list takes time, it can pay off big time if you do it right.

Not much effective in India, but you can also bring targeted traffic to your website through emails. Collecting emails of the targeted audience that show interest in your niche and sending them an attractive proposition with a link to your website can bring them to the URL you want.

You can also choose to update your audience regularly with your uploads to maintain a professional image and build trust with people.

10. Alternative Ways to Promote Bluehost

There is no doubt that the best way to make money with Bluehost Affiliate is by updating the audience with unique, creative, and informative content. But the alternative way to earn through Bluehost is Ads. 

Yes! Many people manage to bring good revenue through Google Adwords. But before going for Google Adwords or PPC Marketing Service, affiliates are not allowed to bid on branded keywords, and they cannot use the word “Bluehost” in the description of the advertisement.

Bluehost Affiliate Payment Methods: How to Receive Payment through Bluehost

You can receive payments via credit card, bank transfer, ACH, PayPal, and check (the US only). You can use any of them. But I always recommend PayPal to get paid fearlessly.

Okay! Let’s go over the payment process.

To receive your first payment through Bluehost, you must reach the $100 minimum within the first 12 months of joining the Bluehost affiliate program. You need to fill out a tax form to receive payment. If you meet all the criteria, the payment will automatically be reflected in your PayPal account.

I know it will be quite uncomfortable. But when you instantly receive $ 100 in your bank account, you will feel good.


Bluehost affiliate Payments get initiated within 45 to 60 days after the month-end. And it gets processed between the 16th to 31st of each month.

Note:- Bluehost is not responsible for third-party fees such as PayPal and ACH (Automated Clearing House), which deduct some amount as fees when we use their service to receive payments from another platform. 

I hope you will choose PayPal to collect your commission, so I want to say, Thank you!

How to Track Bluehost Sales?

Bluehost can provide you with a dedicated affiliate link after being part of their program. This link is unique to each affiliate. You need to place a link on your site strategically. Every time users click on this link, they get redirected to the Bluehost website.

Bluehost will update everything from the number of visitors to the number of purchases from your dashboard. You can easily monitor these things from your dashboard.

You will receive a confirmation email that someone has made a sale from your referral link and the pending payment will be credited to your account. See the screenshot given below to understand better.

bluehost affiliate program sale

And you are ready to share your success story and say congratulations.

If you have a large number of visitors, you can also ask the Bluehost team to create a unique Bluehost coupon code under your name or your site name to give an extra discount for your visitors.

Once you are generating thousands of visitors, you can take this step to increase your commission.

Bluehost Affiliate Program: Final Words

The term Smart Money has no existence in this world. Especially in the dictionary of Affiliate Marketing.

With hard work, time, and a solid marketing strategy, you can also earn additional income from your website using the Bluehost affiliate program.

It is one of the most successful affiliate programs in the world and topped my list of the best high-paying affiliate programs of the year.

The Bluehost affiliate program is one of the highest-paying programs we have now. Just hold the audience’s pulse and write an honest review, including real drawbacks. So that people can trust you, which is a win-win situation.

Launch your website today and apply for the Bluehost affiliate program, and you are on your way to earning $130 for every sale (and inspiring the next generation of bloggers).

I hope this post provides you with a clear idea about How to Make Money With Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Bluehost Affiliate Program: FAQs

  • Self-referrals are not permitted on the Bluehost platform.
  • Take care to ensure that none of your websites contains any objectionable content.
  • Spamming is not permitted by Bluehost under any circumstances.

Custom banners and links are all you need to use to promote Bluehost on your website. You will receive $65 initially for each visitor who signs up after clicking on one of these affiliate links. Help others understand why Bluehost is such a great company. As you continue to do so, your earnings will increase.

Bluehost will pay its affiliates on a monthly basis. To withdraw funds, you must first reach a minimum of $100.

PayPal and wire transfer are the payment methods available.

  • The commissions are moderately competitive in comparison to the market.
  • Once you become a member of Bluehost affiliate program, you will begin to receive personalized assistance.
  • Payments made on time: It is guaranteed that Bluehost affiliates will receive their payments on time.
  • If you are one of the most successful Bluehost affiliates, you will benefit from the best incentives.
  • Bluehost affiliates have the potential to earn an unlimited amount of money. You have the ability to refer an unlimited number of people.

Please contact the Bluehost affiliate program’s support team at if you have any questions or concerns about the program.

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