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Top 5 Untold Real & Flexible Work From Home Jobs for Moms You Should Try

Juggling work and family can be hard for moms, especially when they don’t get to spend as much time with their kids.

Are you the one looking for the best flexible work from home jobs for moms without investment? Welcome! You’re in the right place!

Stay at home moms are often looking for flexible jobs that will accommodate their unpredictable schedules. Have you ever dreamed of having a job where no matter what time they came along, your kids would be happy to see you? If so, we have the perfect list for just like you!

With over 4 million stay-at-home moms in America today who have taken care of their kids while raising them full time during tough economic times, those days can come closer than ever before where they may not be able to take care of both work and family responsibilities especially when considering how much time one needs after taking off years without pay. It’s important now more.

flexible work from home jobs for moms

In the 1990s, it was unusual for a stay at home mom to have something else besides being just a wife and mother. Today is different. Women who aren’t involved in corporations or firms can be active in their careers right from home!

Sounds interesting?

I’ve compiled a list of flexible work from home jobs for moms without investment, and you can get started without any prior knowledge. You just need to be ready to do what needs to be done to see some success.

5 Real and Flexible Work from Home Jobs for Moms Without Investment

1. Start Blogging

The easy work at home jobs for moms without investment is blogging. It’s a phenomenal way to bring in money while still being able to take care of your children, and I truly believe it has the potential to be more lucrative than any other type of work.

Not only does it give you the freedom of being your own boss, but there’s also plenty of potential for making money. That said, don’t get too excited thinking that this type of work can bring in income instantaneously and with no effort involved – because it just doesn’t happen like that!

I know it’s not the most traditional of jobs, but I am so happy that blogging is one of my favourite stay-at-home mom jobs. It allows me to work from home and spend a lot more time with my family than if I was going somewhere every day for an 8+ hour shift. And on top of all these benefits, this opportunity has allowed me to earn money while doing something enjoyable!

Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog:

1. It’s Cheap: Starting a blog can be done for low costs, like as little as $2.95 per month and you could have your own money-making site to share with the world within minutes!

2. Flexible Schedule: You can blog all hours of the day! It doesn’t matter what time it is, or if you’re sitting in a coffee shop with your morning joe. If inspiration strikes and presents itself to you at 2 am (or any other hour), feel free to whip out that laptop and start typing away.

3. No Tech Knowledge Required: With Bluehost, you don’t need to be a coding expert or have an amazing tech background. Whether you want your own blog for personal use or as a side hustle, this is the perfect way to get started!

Bluehost has an incredible offer right now – they’ll set you up on a new site within minutes of signing up. Once it’s done, you’ve got yourself a new domain name and ready access at any time from anywhere in the world! The best thing? It will cost no more than $2.95 per month (inclusive of all fees!).

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How Much Money a Blogger Can Make?

Blogging is a creative way to make money online. The income can depend on the age of your blog, for example, an established blog might bring in as much as $20,000 per month while newer blogs may only earn about $3000-$6000 monthly depending on how active it is and what strategy you are using.

I know bloggers who are making upwards of six figures monthly! As for me? Well, my earnings range from about $5000 to $10,000 every month–and sometimes even more than that when big sales happen or if something really good goes viral in our niche community.

How to Get Started?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, don’t let the thought exhaust your energy. It’s not hard to create a blog these days, but you want it to be interesting and well-designed. You can download WordPress without knowing any code! It is important that if you are interested in blogging, then follow my guide on how I started one myself!

2. Freelance Writing

freelance writer jobs for stay at home moms

Did you know that freelance writing is the easiest way to get started online?

My answer is; Absolutely Yes.

The freelance writing industry is booming, and it’s one of the best flexible work from home jobs for moms. Freelance writers have a lot more freedom than they would with an employer and can enjoy many benefits like working as much or little as you want without fear for your job security.

There are so many opportunities for writers who know their way around the web well enough, from blog posts to social media content or even SEO copywriting. 

When someone hires a freelancer they usually give them an article to test their skills out on before moving forward professionally. If both parties are happy with the final result then there should be more work coming soon!

Many people might think that freelancing and blogging are two different things but in reality, they can be combined.

Every freelancer wants to say that they are good at research and can write about different topics. And if you have a blog, it’s an easy task! Having your own platform helps in searching for freelance writing gigs as it shows what you are capable of doing as well as keeping current events in mind. So get on those blogs today—the world needs more voices like yours!

How Much can a Freelance Writer Make?

As a freelance writer, you can charge between $20 and $50 for 1000 words. But the rates will go up as you gain experience in your craft. I know writers that rake in over $300 per article—but they’re usually experts on their subjects with great copywriting skills!

How to Get Started as a Freelance Writer?

Do you need some help finding your first writing job? You might want to take a look at Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. They’re just three of the many freelance sites where freelancers can find gigs online.

You have many options when you want to freelance but I recommend Fiverr first. If you can attract clients regularly based on your knowledge and expertise, it can be one of the best real online jobs for stay at home moms without investment.

I think that tools like Grammarly can be helpful to young writers and editors. Their service includes grammar checking, plagiarism detection, sentence structure highlighting and more!

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3. Affiliate Marketing

The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for people to make money from their home. You don’t need any special skills or in-depth knowledge, you just need good research and an audience willing to listen.

Talking about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an easy work at home job for moms and a way to make money by promoting other people’s products. You earn commissions when sales are made, so it can be profitable if you know what you’re doing! 

It’s a commission system where you can earn money on every sale made using your link, no matter how big or small it may be!

If you think it’s hard to make money, I have some good news. There are millions of marketers across the world that earn a living from affiliate marketing today! The earning potential is unlimited and depends on your niche.

Success Story of Tom Dupuis (Earning $12,500 Per Month)

Affiliate marketing is also a passive income source that can help you make money while sleep. Take Tom Dupuis of Online Media Masters who makes $150,000 a year from promoting affiliate links for hosting service providers like Bluehost. He offers website speed optimization services and has created his own tools to test the loading speeds on your site which he shares with clients in need!

Tom now has the time of his life. He spends his days doing whatever he wants and is free from all petty clients!

Note: If you want to make money, then getting involved with the Bluehost affiliate program would be a great idea.

You can also join affiliate networks like Rakuten, Commission Junction, ClickBank and ShareASale.

4. Become a Transcription Freelancer

Rev freelance - work from home jobs for stay at home moms

Transcribing audio into text format is increasing in demand as the number of podcasts and video content continues to rise. The internet has made it possible for people all over the world to find work from home jobs for moms with no experience, like transcribing audio with Rev!

Rev is a company that provides transcription services, allowing freelancers like you to work comfortably at home just by connecting to the Internet while making money from their own space.

The Benefit of Rev Freelancing Jobs:

  • Rev Freelance allows you to work as much or as little as possible, and at your convenience.
  • The variety in the projects is great, so it’s not like doing one job for hours on end with no variation or breaks. You’ll never have a project that bores you for long because there are always new ones popping up at Rev!
  • Weekly payouts are deposited directly into your PayPal account with just one click on the button – always dependable and timely.

Now, I can personally say that becoming a transcription freelancer is one of the best and easily doable work from home jobs for stay at home moms.

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5. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is another flexible work from home jobs for moms without investment to start their own eCommerce business even if you don’t want to go through all of the hassles. It is a popular way of selling products without having to worry about the costs that come with storing inventory. You can just find a supplier, set up some store pages and let them do their thing!

It also helps entrepreneurs avoid handling returns, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to create an online store. You can create a successful online store and sell to anyone in the world with just your computer and the internet. You would first need an e-commerce service called Shopify that can help you get started and find a dropship supplier for your order processing needs.

When someone purchases something from your site, you simply need to contact the drop ship company with their request who will then send out the product directly to them without any additional hassle on your behalf!

Fortunately, you can solve these shortcomings by using Shopify to set up your store, which makes it easy to integrate excellent dropshipping services such as Spocket.

Discover top dropshipping suppliers of original US/EU products with Spocket.

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Final Words: Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Without Investment

With the rise of technology, it has become easier than ever to stay at home with your kids and earn an income. You can search for the best flexible work from home jobs for moms that offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere to balance family life while earning money on a flexible schedule.

The best options may be online opportunities that let you enjoy a flexible schedule while still earning income. Some days it goes smoothly but other times not so much – but either way, being able to make money never hurts!

These are all great ideas for a side business for stay at home moms and hopefully, I have compiled the list of kid-friendly jobs that allow you the flexibility to work from your own space will help out if working outside is just too much!

If you can’t invest in learning new skills, then I’d recommend starting as a freelance writer with Fiverr

Happy hustling!