Add Me to Search – Step by Step Guide to Create Google People Card

Add Me to Search - Google people cards
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If you googled “Add Me to Search”, you must read this article.

The “People Card” feature of Google Services is a recent and good addition. The People card can be a powerful business tool even if few people are aware of it.

This article will explain the Google People card and how to make the most of it. I’ll go over its features and advice you on how to get the most out of it.

Therefore, keep reading if you want a strategy to improve your business relationships!

Have you ever wished you could be found on Google?

So far, Google’s search engine results pages have only included well-known people who have made a name for themselves in a few public places.

But according to Google’s latest feature “Google People Cards,” anyone can now find it on the search engine. You can create your own Google presence with this feature, and you can also find other people on Google Search.

It’s easy to be found on a Google search using the Google People card. You can fill in your information on these virtual business cards and once Google creates your card, Google Search will be able to find you!

What is Google People Card?

People cards are intended for business people, artists, entrepreneurs, job seekers, freelancers, and anyone who wants to increase their online visibility.

Any additional information you want people to know about you can be included in people’s cards, along with links to your website and social media accounts.

If you search for a person’s name and they have a people card, you’ll see a module containing their name, occupation, and location.

What Can Go in Your Google People Card?

With a spot on Google Search, the Google People Card feature aims to make it easier for individuals, independent contractors, influencers, business owners, and others to get their work out there.

You can include details about yourself, your location, your profession or line of work, your education, your birthplace, and other things on your Google People Card.

Additionally, you can add links to your social network profiles, your website, and your phone number to your Google People Card, and add your photo and email address.

The data Google gathers for your Card makes it possible for the proper individuals to locate you, which is a fantastic networking opportunity.

If you want to increase your online visibility and make it simple for others to get in touch with you, especially if you run a small business or provide content online, use Google People Card.

What Do You Need to Create Google People Card?

A Google People Card is simple to make. Please be aware that you cannot make one for yourself on a desktop computer, only on an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone, or an iPad

The Google People Card can get created using the Google Search App or a mobile browser; there isn’t a specific app for it.

Additionally, you will need a personal Google account with Web and Web Activity enabled.

How to Create Your Google People Card?

Here are the steps to guide you through the Google People Crd Creation Process.

Step 1: Google “Add Me To Search” to find more information.

The first step is always to go to Google. Open a mobile browser or the Google search app (the function is only accessible on mobile devices running Android, iPhone, or iPad), and type “Add me to search.”

If you see more than one choice, choose “Add yourself to Google Search” as the first one. Tap “Get Started” to start creating your card.

Note: There are occasions when you can find Add Your Business On Google For Free when looking for “Add Me to Search” on Google. You can then see the option to Add Yourself to Google Search by clicking on it.

Step 2: Complete the fields on your card with the information you wish to make public.

It’s time to fill out your information; click the “Get started” button and begin completing the necessary and optional fields by your requirements.

  • Name
  • Profession and Other Details
  • Location
  • About

The more information you provide, the more likely it is to appear on SERPs and it will be simple to apply local monitoring. You can add additional information as you see fit.

Below the extra optional information, Google allows you to add links to your social network accounts.

People seem to believe that things are clear and better. You’ll observe that Google allows you to manually enter the majority of the data to store the most recent information.

However, Google will automatically fill in the Email and Phone fields.

You must sign in with a different account and a phone number that you must change in your account settings if you wish to change them.

You can conceal your contact details if you want because Google respects its users.

However, if you are offering any types of services, this will be a great opportunity for you to provide a direct means for people to get in touch with you.

Step 3: Check Out Your People Card

You must examine a preview of your “People Card” before publishing it. Once you are happy with how the card appears, you can save it straight away and have it immediately indexed in search results. You can search with your name if you wish to share it or view it.

Note: The People card will only be accessible to Indian users and will eventually be made available to Kenyan, Nigerian, and South African users as well. Google can expand the reach of the Google People Card in the future to make it available globally.

Step 4: Save

After reviewing your card, you might now successfully create your Google People Card by clicking the “Save” button.

How to Make Google People Card More Effective?

Anyone who searches for your name on Google can see your Google People Card after it has got published. Include all of the important information you want to convey in your Google People card to increase its effectiveness.

You could wish to include your email address, phone number, website, or links to your social media accounts, for instance. By including these details, you help people to know you better and connect with you.

To ensure that your contact details are always correct, be sure to keep your Google People Card updated. 

Can People Outside India Use Google People Card?

If so, both yes and no will be the response! Given the large number of people attempting to establish a presence on Google, it will be challenging to get online awareness through individual efforts.

People from outside of India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa cannot profit from it because it is only visible to Indian users and is rolling out to users in other countries as well as Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

However, even if you receive limited awareness, you could still profit if you are a marketer or are offering a worthwhile product. Furthermore, those who reside outside of India can create a “People Card” via a VPN.

If you are not seeking Indian customers, it will be useless to you.

What are the Benefits of Google People Card?

  • These cards get used to quickly exchange contact information and share it with others via text, email, or social media.
  • You can keep your contact information accessible by using Google People Card.
  • In addition, it’s a fantastic opportunity to network and meet other professionals.
  • You can improve your exposure and develop your online profile with the help of the Google People Card.
  • It’s simple to get started with Google My Business and a fantastic method to market your company.
  • Anyone with a Google account can use the free program called Google People Card. Create a Google People Card for yourself to get started right away.

Guidelines for Google People Card:-

You must follow the general instructions Google has provided while generating your Google People Card.

  • It should essentially be a real reflection of who you are and what you do.
  • Generally speaking, you should use the name that people would type into a search engine to find you.
  • You should be able to recognize yourself in your profile photo.
  • Never pretend or make an effort to mislead or confuse somebody.
  • Your business card shouldn’t give the idea that you are someone else or represent a company that you don’t.
  • It should not include any type of solicitation, advertising, or contact.
  • Prevent using adjectives like “best,” “only,” and “cheapest.”
  • It must not make any negative, disparaging, or contrasting remarks about other people, groups, situations, or problems.
  • It must not in any way encourage, endorse, or instigate hatred, violence, or illegal activity.
  • It shouldn’t use offensive, obscene, or otherwise improper language.
  • It shouldn’t encourage or inspire illegal action.
  • It must respect other people’s rights, such as their right to privacy and intellectual property. Uploading content you do not have the right to use is especially forbidden.

How Safe is Google People Card?

The IT giant has put in place several safeguards and restrictions to ensure that users find accurate and useful information. Additionally, security features to prevent objectionable content have got introduced.

There is a feedback option that users can use to recognize and report inaccurate information or a card they think was made by an impostor.

The card will be accessible to anybody using Search to search someone up by name. Users can click a module containing their name, occupation, and location to view their card.

Multiple modules will get displayed in the Search for those with the same name. Users can identify between various people using distinctive information to find reliable information.

How to Edit Google People Card?

  1. Open or the Google Search app.
  2. Check that your Google Account is currently logged in.
  3. Look for My People Card Edit
  4. In the upper right corner of your people card, click Edit.
  5. Edit the information you wish.
  6. To add your contact details, enter the contact information you wish to make public.
  7. You can erase your contact information by deleting it or leaving it empty.
  8. A preview will appear; click it.
  9. If you are satisfied with your card, click Save.

How to Remove Google People Card from Google Search?

  1. Open or the Google Search app.
  2. Check that your Google Account is currently logged in.
  3. Find Edit my People Card by searching.
  4. To delete it and its contents, choose to Remove my Google search card.


You can easily be found on the Search Engine by using Google People Cards to promote yourself and your work on the website.

There is more opportunity for fraud and spam since this technique leaves the process of creating Search results open.

Google claims to have devised a system to avoid this; each Google account is only permitted to create one Google People Card. So be cautious when making one and pay attention to detail!


What is the “Add me to search” feature of Google?

Google recently introduced the Google People Card which can help you add yourself to Google Search.

Why is it problematic to add me to search on Google?

Your language must be English in Google settings, and you must have a personal Google account. Only mobile devices can use this feature (Android or iPhone, iPad, or iPad).

What should be added to your Google People Card?

Your Google people card should have information about you such as your name, photo, cover photo, contact information, educational background, and social media links.

Can I modify my Google people card once it has got created?

You can edit your Google People Card once it has got generated. The steps are discussed above in the article.

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