How to Stop Buffering on Kodi Firestick?

How to Stop Buffering on Kodi Firestick
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Streaming has changed a lot over the years. We’ve gone from watching shows and movies on TV to streaming them online. And while this makes it easy for us, we need strong internet connections and powerful devices if we want the best quality. 

One of the most popular ways people use to stream content is through an app called Kodi. It’s available for desktop computers as well as mobile devices like Android tablets, iPods, iPhones, and Amazon Firesticks.

The new and improved Firestick has all sorts of great content available to stream, but one problem that many users have run into is Kodi buffering.

Kodi buffering causes streams to freeze, resulting in the dreaded buffering or no stream available message popping up on your screen. 

Don’t Worry!

Before diving into the Sea of Kodi buffering, let’s keep our attention on the types of buffering.

Types of Buffering:-

There are two types of buffering: Pre-buffering and Post-buffering.

  • Pre-buffering is when the Kodi Firestick loads part of the video ahead of time so that it can play without interruption. 
  • Post-buffering is when the Kodi Firestick loads part of the video after it starts playing.

This article will show you how to Stop buffering on Kodi firestick so you can get back to binge-watching with no interruptions.

Why Does Kodi Buffer?

There are many reasons why buffering happens on Kodi. Some of the most common reasons are a bad internet connection, overloading of bandwidth, or too many devices using the same wifi. 

Fixing buffering on Kodi firestick is not rocket science at all!

In fact, you can fix this problem with 6 simple methods – all you need is to have patience and follow the instructions properly.

So let’s see what needs to be done!

As you know “Prevention is always better than cure”. So I believe that we should do something prior to avoid buffering in the first place.

Today we will discuss a few tried-and-true methods which will help you to fix Kodi buffering without any hassle.

1. Fix Kodi Buffering With VPN

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Kodi buffering occurs when the internet speed is low or there is no connectivity with the server. The reason for this issue is that your device downloads a large chunk of data from the web and then sends it to your computer. 

To fix this problem, you need to use a VPN service that allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and unblocks geo-blocked content.

There are many VPN services out there but not all of them work well with your Kodi setup.

I recommend using NordVPN as it has proven itself to be reliable and fast while providing its users with many features that other VPNs don’t have such as double protection and ad blocking.

Still confused?

2. Low Internet Speed

The first step you should take is to check your internet speed. Before you try any of the other solutions in this article, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. 

When we say connection speed, we mean the bandwidth of the network you are using to connect. This is typically measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

You can check your internet connection speed by going into Settings -> Wi-Fi (or equivalent) and looking at the upload/download speeds listed there or by checking your broadband provider’s website for information about your plan. 

If you are unable to Stop buffering on the Kodi firestick, try switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet connection and make sure that your modem is plugged into a power outlet.

In addition to this, you can even implement these quick checks to tackle the internet speed problem:-

  • Restart your router.
  • Using a wired connection (if available)
  • Disable any VPNs or proxies that you might be using
  • Try changing channels or moving closer to your router.
  • Turn off any programs you’re running in the background.
  • Turn off all other devices that may be using the same wifi as you.

If these don’t work, then it could be something wrong with your device or settings.

3. Clear the Kodi Cache

Another common reason for buffering is a full Kodi cache. When you watch videos on Kodi, it saves bits of the video to your Firestick’s storage so that it can load faster the next time you watch it.

Over time, these bits of saved data can build up and cause buffering problems.

Fortunately, clearing the Kodi cache is easy to do and only takes a few seconds.

Here are some important points that you need to keep in your mind while clearing the kodi cache.

  • From the main menu, go to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Manage dependencies > URLResolver > Configure > Clear Cache/Providers.

Try playing a video again and see if the problem has been fixed.

4. Device Settings Changed

Make sure that nothing has been changed recently either by accidentally deleting something important (like an app) or by updating an old version of Kodi onto another device like an Amazon Fire Stick 2nd gen which does not support 3D effects.

Just make sure all updates have been installed correctly before trying again yourself.

If you find something wrong then reset your Kodi Firestick device to its factory settings to fix Kodi buffering on FireStick.

Here is how you can do so by following the given steps:-

Step 1: Press Home Button
Kodi Firestick - Arrows indicating to press home button
Kodi Firestick - Arrows indicating to press home button
Step 2: Go to Settings and Select MyFireTv/System/Device
Select MyFireTv-System-Device - Kodi Firestick
Step 4: Choose Reset to Factory Default
Step 5: Then Choose Yes or Reset to Confirm the Action

5. Use a Kodi Repository

If you still have problems eliminating buffering on Kodi firestick, then you may want to try using a different Kodi repository.

A repository is a collection of add-ons that you can install from within Kodi. There are many repositories available, and each one has its selection of add-ons.

Installing a new repository is easy to do:

  • From the main menu, go to Settings -> System settings -> Add-ons -> Install from the zip file.
  • Select the repository that you want to install (for example, SuperRepo).
  • Select the repository zip file and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once the installation is complete, go back to the main menu and select Settings -> System settings -> Add-ons -> Install from the repository.
  • Select the repository that you just installed.
  • Browse through the list of available add-ons and install any that look interesting.
  • Exit Kodi and restart it.


If you’re tired of Kodi buffering continuously, there are a few things you can do to repair Kodi buffering on firestick.

By following the instructions outlined above, you can prevent Kodi from buffering and have a seamless streaming experience.

If you’re still unsure about which option is the most successful, I recommend using a VPN service like NordVPN.

Still confused? Read NordVPN reviews here.

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