How to Access the Black Market or Dark Web on Mac, iPhone & Android?

How to Access the Black Market
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Note: This content is for educational purpose only and please do not use the information for illegal activity. There are some affiliate links and I get a small commission for purchases made through the links in this post, but these are all products or software that I highly recommend. View my affiliate disclosure here.

Since you are reading this article, I assume you heard the word black market.

Even if not, I will explain to you the whole concept in the next few minutes.

So keep reading. Before taking you directly toward the concept, let us understand a scenario. 

Imagine you walking on a road and passing by a house whose window is open.

Through the window, you saw a lady sitting on a chair and eating a slice of bread without any sider.

So you thought to give that lady something to eat with it, such as butter or soup, thinking that she might not be able to afford it.

You purchased one of them, knocked on the door, and when the lady opened the door, you left mesmerized by seeing the luxurious house. You just left the place by saying, “I might have knocked on the wrong door”. 

So here we get the answer to our first question.

Learning how to access the black market isn’t as secretive and unlawful as it is frequently described. In fact, there may be perfectly legal reasons for accessing the black market or dark web. Although it has some drawbacks, and you must be cautious of the sites you visit, it is totally legal and relatively safe to use if you take the proper precautions.

What is Black Market?

The name itself symbolizes something fishy. The black market is the hidden side of the Internet that is not accessible easily through regular browsers. You needs a special browser to access dark web on iPhone, Android, and Desktop.

Yes, you heard me correctly. 

The black market, also known as the dark web, is identical to that part of the lady’s house, which we can’t see directly through a window.

Here, the window is the surface network that everyone can easily access by opening a web browser like TOR and a VPN like NordVPN.

It is a mystery network that exists underground. It consists of websites that are kept hidden from users.

And here comes our next question. 

How to Gain Access to Dark Web?

Then the answer is to Knock and Open the Door. 

Right, we need to find a door now. So, the easily accessible door to Black Market is the Tor browser and VPN.

But, the house’s main door can be of wooden, aluminum, steel, and many more different materials. But we will choose the one which provides ultimate safety and protection, Right?

If you say yes, then the ultimate safer and protected answer to the question ‘how to access the dark web with tor?’ is NordVPN.

Here we will discuss NordVPN (Recommended), one of the best VPNs for accessing the black market or dark web.

Want to try the top VPN risk free?


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Why Use NordVPN While Accessing the Black Market?

There are common threats on the black market that you have to deal with while accessing it.

  • Cyberattack
  • Frauds
  • Eavesdropping
  • Identity theft
  • Virus
  • Trojans 

Due to all these risk factors, users can’t access the black market easily. NordVPN is the one and only rescuer in all types of internet attacks. 

Things you need to know about NordVPN:- 

  • It is not free. It has a subscription plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It values your privacy. 
  • It is one of the safest and fastest VPNs. 
  • It whitelists your activities so that you can access the black market at a regular pace.
  • With DNS protection, they assure that your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.
  • It supports iOS and Android OS too. 
  • It can be used on six devices simultaneously.

Things you need to know about Tor Browser 

  • It is a free, open-source web browser. 
  • It does not disclose the user’s identity. 
  • It wraps data in multiple layers of encryption. 

But to make Tor extra safe, I suggest you get Nord VPN, as it protects your online activities, also you’ll be safe from eavesdropping from a third party.

How to Access Dark Web Safely on PC or Mac?

The process to access darknet on Mac is as easy and similar as to go on dark web on pc. The only difference here is to select the version of the operating system according to your device. 

So in the twinkling of an eye, let us see the step-by-step guide on ‘how to get access to dark web?’.

Step 1: Download the Tor browser and Get NordVPN 


Once you had downloaded the software as per your device from the above-given link. Open the downloaded file -> Click on Run

install tor browser - click to run

Choose the installing location from your device -> Click Install

Once the installation is done let’s move to our 2nd most important step.

Step 2:- Download and Install NordVPN by following the same steps that we did for Tor Browser’s installation.

install nordvpn software

Well, you are thinking right. NordVPN too supports Mac and Windows both. So here you get the answer to your question, How to access the dark web on Mac? 

The only possible difference here is we have to purchase the plan to access the deep web on Mac. There are many free VPN software available on the internet but the reliability for a secure connection is less here in comparison to that of paid software. Ta-Da! 

A piece of good news for you NordVPN has launched a two-year plan that reduces the purchasing cost by half. So go check out the link above and access the deep web on pc safely.

As soon as the installation process gets completed, move towards the next.

Step 3:- Open NordVPN and log in to your account. 

open NordVPN - access dark web

Join a server in another country close to you, as connecting to a farther country slows down the loading speed. You will get the country choosing option on the left side of the window.

And in a few minutes, the software will get your device connected to any other server in the country which helps you to hide your device’s IP address from the third party while browsing.

join server - NordVPN

Step 4:- Now Open the Tor browser 

Step 5:- Click the ‘Connect’ button

Step 6:- Choose a security level

choose security - NordVPN

Step 7:- Start browsing the dark web 

access tor browser

But surfing here is not that easy because the search engines do not work here in the same way as on the surface web. So you have to find an onion’s site address for your particular website and then proceed with the search.

Step 8:- Once you are done with surfing exit the tor browser by simply closing the window.

Step 9:- Disconnect Nord VPN. 

So if you follow all the above steps as it is you will be able to access deep web on Mac and Windows without any doubt.

How to Access the Dark Web on iPhone?

Have you ever tried to access the Dark web on iPhone? 

No, then I would like to tell you that let it be any device android, windows, Mac, or iOS.

The two most basic things that you need to have on your device to access black market on iPhone are VPN software like NordVPN and an onion browser.

Because the websites that exist on the dark web don’t have extensions like .org, .com,.in, etc. Instead, they exist with .onion extension. But unfortunately, we had seen in the 1st screenshot of the Tor browser that they don’t provide their app for iPhone users.

Calm down as we have other onion browsers powered by Tor to access deep web on iPhone. 

5 Essential Steps to Access Black Market On iPhone:

Number 1:- Go to the app store and search for the onion browser.

onion browser - access darkweb on iphone

Number 2:- Download and Install the one with the icon as shown in the picture below.

Number 3:- Next is downloading and installing NordVPN. And breathe a sigh of relief, once you purchase the license of NordVPN you can use it on 6 different devices. And yes they support iPhone users too.

nordvpn - access deep web on iphone

Number 4:- Open app  -> Choose any random location on the map -> Click on Quick Connect.

quick connect

Here the fringe benefit is app automatically chooses the fastest anonymous server for you.

Number 5:- Open Onion Browser app -> Click on Connect to Tor -> Choose the security level. I here prefer the moderate level as the safest to access deep web on iOS.

default setting -access dark web

Bingo! You are ready to surf. 

Don’t forget to disconnect the Tor Browser first and NordVPN after it, once your use is over.

How to Access the Dark Web Safely on Android?

The course of action to access darknet on android phone is just a piece of cake. Foolproof moves to access the dark web on android:- 

1. Open Playstore

2. Download and Install Tor Browser and NordVPN.

nordvpn app - access dark web on android
tor browser app download

3. Open NordVPN and you will be directed toward the main menu of the app.

4. Enter your login details and get logged in through your android device.

connect vpn - access dark web on android

5. Enable the CyberSec option to protect yourself from cyber threats

enable cybersec - access deep web on android

6. Click on the Quick Connect button. You will directly get connected to the best server.

7. You will go through some important instructions read those carefully and tick the checkbox.

attention message

8. A green bar pop-up will notify your successful connection.

9. Connect Tor browser by opening the app and start searching for your queries. 

Isn’t it easy enough to access deep web from android phone? 

Then what are you waiting for? Just go through our detailed guide and access deep web on android as quickly as you can. 

Now the question drops why people want to know ‘how to get into black market?’

Black Market is a book of spells that can be used for legal as well as illegal purposes. It depends on what data a user wants to access through it. 

In other words, you can say that the Black market is a lie that sometimes can be used for good purposes, but unfortunately, many users in this world use it for bad purposes. Some worthy uses of the black market:- 

  1. Accessing papers or books for free 
  2. Reading political news or agendas 
  3. Discussing any topic on the forum without revealing your identity 
  4. Official Facebook site 

Some Evil Uses of the Black Market:-

  1. Selling credit card information 
  2. Selling pirated versions of tv series, films, etc. 
  3. Selling drugs, weapons, or any information that can lead to crime 

Precautions to Access the Deep Web on Phone,:- 

  • Close all other apps that you have on your device. 
  • Cover your webcam 
  • Disable audio plugins 
  • Turn off your location 
  • Don’t share your information on any forum or website. 
  • Change your passwords after a fixed interval. 
  • Close unused accounts 

Never ignore these safety measures when you are about to open deep web on pc. 

Advantages of Black Market:- 

  • It maintains the user’s privacy 
  • It gives users freedom of speech 
  • It has a vast source of knowledge 

The heart of the matter is that our Internet is sub-divided into three layers.

1. Surface web – The part which is publicly accessible easily to every user in this world. It is indexed by search engines and doesn’t need special software to open. 

2. Deep web – Invisible part which is not indexed on search engines such as login page, or private photo storage.

3. Dark web – A anonymous part that hides the data and the user’s identity. It needs special tools to access. And in my opinion, the best tool that you can use is NordVPN.

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